Banco Falabella

Our project with them was the Banco Falabella wearables development. It is a bank that has the objective of improving the quality of life of the people by having long term relationships with them, based on transparency, simplicity and convenience. Its headquarters are in Las Condes, Chile with branches in Peru and Colombia. 



Banco Falabella had developed a mobile application for Android & iOS and wanted to provide their clients with an easy access to their online banking system through wearable devices for Android as well as iOS.

Falabella wearables development

  • In order not to depend of their existing apps, we developed two mobile apps (one for iOS & one for Android) to which they integrated
  • Developed both apps integrated with their Backend system
  • Developed apps for the Samsung Gear S2 as well as for the Apple Watch


Main features developed

  • Access to the information regarding accumulated points
  • Access details of the cards associated to the account
  • Find branch offices of the bank
  • Contact information
  • Dynamic key for security

Technologies used

Java, Swift & Tizen

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