Icar provides solutions that help validate the identity of people through automatic read of ID documents, preventing identity fraud. Its solution combines the need to provide maximum security with an optimal user experience. In Q4 2017, Mitek, a global leader in mobile capture and digital identity verification software solutions, acquired ICAR, a leading provider of consumer identity verification solutions in Spain and Latin America, for an aggregate purchase price of up to €12.75 million! Yey!  


Icar had its own SDK to which clients usually integrate their applications. They wanted to develop a mobile app for iOS that would present and explain their product (SDK) to the public in a very visual way, making it easy to use without needing the support of anyone. The mobile app was presented at the Mobile World Congress.

Icar mobile development

  • Our partner North did the product conception to explain how the functionalities of the SDK work
  • We built the iOS platform that integrates the SDK

Main features developed

  • Tutorials that explain how the platform & functionalities works

Technologies used

  • Swift


We had a new & important project related to mobile and usability, and we wanted to work with Apiumhub. They became a key partner when it comes to delivering our solution to the market, but also adding value to the process and adapting to the project’s amendments. Pragmatic & efficient, the team always maintained an opened dialogue and attitude that allowed to overcome all the obstacles.

Mariona Campmany –  CMO at Icar  

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