!nShelf is a gamification mobile application that can be used by Nestlé employees, their friends and family. The app enables the users to enter the on shelf availability & freshness data (expiry date or batch number) of Nestlé products that are found in stores. For entering the data, the user is rewarded with points that Nestlé will convert into gifts. !nShelf is meant to be used by Customer Facing Supply Chain Managers in order to improve the availability & freshness of Nestlé’s product in stores.


Nestle wanted to give more value to the customers, for that we helped them to develope an app from scratch, reusing some parts of the old backend, that allowed the customers to scan the barcode and fresh code from the products at the store. The goal is to keep track of the product’s flow from the shelvings and link it to the sales strategy. Furthermore, the app has the option for the user to add new store where Nestle products are sold that wasn’t in the system before.


The main goal for which Nestle was aiming is to launch an app to improve their product storage.


  • Camera – One of the challenges when developing this app was its focus towards emergent markets such India or Brazil, where the quality of their phone’s camera is significantly worse than other markets. The issue develops in a bad or slow recognizement from the batch code. The solution was to insert a manual option so the user can do it him/her self.
  • China – InShelf uses a library based on machine learning from Google for the barcode and batch recognition. This causes a localization problem in China because all Google systems are forbidden there.

What we did

  • Develop two mobile apps and part of a backend.
  • Give support to new business petitions.
  • Integration with the backend.


Using the latest design guides from both iOS and Android platforms and the use of an MVP pattern based on Clean Architecture, Nestle obtained a robust app with which the users can scan the products at the stores and win prizes. Obtaining a better customer value.


Kotlin, Swift and Nodejs.


Apiumhub has proven itself as a tech partner that can help us make a quantum leap in innovation and embracing digital. Great, inspiring teams to work with and have learned much from them over the years, as they are very open and direct. Great results delivered through result-focused leadership. Pete Becker – IT Solutions Lead for Procurement