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From Barcelona to Singapore, cities across the globe are becoming smarter. According to many well-known pieces of research and smart city influencers, by 2025 there will be 29 megacities. Within any of these cities there are millions of devices already deployed and billions more coming, that can make a city “smarter” by collecting real-time data on road and transport, weather, energy, and water usage, waste collection, power distribution and much more with the goal to make cities smart.

If you are interested in this topic and if you would like to contribute to it, I recommend you to follow smart city influencers to keep up to date with the latest smart city news, trends, innovations, and discussions, and get interesting opinions of an expert in the industry. The smart city influencers that are listed in this article are all contributing to the growth of the smart cities and driving adoption to the masses. Check their Twitter accounts to learn more about them:

1.Stacey Higginbotham
The first one on our list of Smart city influencers is Mrs Higginbotham. Stacey is a journalist and founder of Internet of Things Podcast. You can ask basically anyone in the Internet of Things to name the top journalist in the space and you’ll for sure hear “Stacey Higginbotham.” A former writer for GigaOm and Fortune, she is now very active with her The Internet of Things Podcast. Also, she manages a weekly IoT newsletter and writes for The Wirecutter and PC Mag.

2. Jenny Fielding
The second one on our list of Smart city influencers influencers is Mrs Fielding. Jenny is a managing Director of Techstars and one of the most active investors in IoT. She leads both the FinTech and Internet of Things accelerators. She has a keen understanding of the startup landscape across all segments of IoT. And she is a frequent speaker in IoT events, funding at top conferences around the world. She also writes a must-follow blog and newsletter for Techstars.

3. Andrew Thomas
And the third one on our list of Smart city influencers is Mr Thomas. Andrew is a co-founder of SkyBell and has quickly built a reputation as one of the top dealmakers and marketers in IoT. Also, he is an active IoT speaker, social influencer, and advisor. He also has an column where he contributes relevant content on IoT and startups.

4. Greg Kahn
Greg is a president & CEO of Internet of Things Consortium. He is one of the most connected and engaged members of the IoT community. He uses his influence and remarkable network to build a premier IoT group focused on driving the industry forward. He is also a keynote speaker on IoT and an advisor to startups. Greg shares very useful, relevant and insightful content via his Twitter account and through the IoTC’s email newsletter. Absolutely worth following!

5. Smart Cities Council
Here is a coalition of leading companies that seeks to advance the livability, workability and sustainability of the world’s cities. In addition to news and updates about the council and conference, Smart Cities Council tweets updates and information from events the team attends and useful links to keep followers connected to smart cities developments around the world.

6. James Anderson
James Anderson’s feed is a great resource to absorb smart analysis and good takes at the same time. He’s a part of Bloomberg Philanthropies, working on five areas that directly make up smart cities (arts, education, environment, government innovation and public health), making him a sure-shot voice of credibility.

7. CityLab
CityLab is absolutely a must follow for anyone who wants to keep up with news and trends coming out of cities. CityLab is a great place to follow for some of the innovations of urban spaces.

8. C40Cities
C40 is the network of the world’s megacities committed to tackling climate change.
There you will find a network of cities including Copenhagen, Boston, New York, Hong Kong and others. A really good start to keep up with the global network of city movers and shakers who are shaping climate policies for millions of citizens.

9. Tom Raftery
Tom is the Global VP, Futurist and IoT Evangelist at SAP. His website consists of articles on the Internet of Things, including topics on predictive maintenance, IoT in healthcare, connected cars, artificial intelligence. Also, he is a very well-known Innovation Evangelist and Keynote speaker, podcaster and global IoT influencer.

10. Andy Stanford-Clark
Andy is a distinguished engineer and is Master Inventor and IoT Evangelist at IBM. He specializes in technologies which are helping to make the planet smarter, by analyzing and reacting to data from remote sensors.

11. Johan den Haan
Johan is a CTO of Mendix and regularly speaks at technology events. Also, he is a renowned blogger on a range of topics, including IoT, Smart Apps, PaaS, Model-Driven Development, and software engineering.

12. David Blaza
David is the managing director at Informa Power and has a passion for bringing new technology to market especially in the IoT space. His blog covers topics related to IoT and energy and takes a look at the reality and myths of the Internet of Things with an eye on the electric power industry. He is active on Twitter and publishes his thoughts and insights about smart city industry landscape.

13. Rob Van Kranenburg
Rob is a founder of the IoT Council. He is one of the biggest voices in IoT, and he talks about all topics from future development in the smart city sector, the combination of IoT with Machine Learning and AI and IoT impact on businesses.

14. Julie Jacobson
Julie is the Co-founder and Editor of CEPro. She writes about Smart Homes and how IoT will change everyday life. She is active on Twitter and shares very interesting information there on a regular basis.

15. Megan Wollerton
Megan is an Associate Editor/Reviewer at CNET, and she talks about what it takes to make a great IoT product in the age of increasing competition in the industry. Also follow her on Twitter for in-depth analysis of the most recent smart home products and services!

16.  Kevin Ashton
Kevin coined the term Internet of Things in 1999! He’s a visionary for the industry and provides fascinating predictions and insights into the future of IoT and tech.

17. Timothy Chou
Timothy is a Stanford lecturer and acclaimed author of the IoT book “Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things”, Timothy talks almost exclusively IoT on his Twitter account, and raises many captivating points about the world of IoT.

18. Mike Gualtieri
Mike is the VP and Principal Analyst of Forrester and discusses IoT as well as innovate insights into other exciting themes such as machine learning, AI, and advanced analytics. He’s also an excellent keynote speaker!

19. Ronald Van Loon
Ronald is a business mastermind who helps tech and data companies to generate value. He traffics in all sorts of innovative tech such as Big Data, Data Science and IoT and has a huge amount of influence in the IoT community.

20. Maribel Lopez
Maribel is a speaker and technology analyst for all new things in tech, specializing in IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. She runs her own blog at Forbes and discusses the impact of IoT on several important industries, such as agriculture.

21. MeterFeeder
MeterFeeder is a Pittsburgh based tech start-up with the goal of keeping cities at the forefront of the newest smart parking technology. Follow them on Twitter to know more about smart parking innovations.

22. Get My Parking
With Get My Parking you save your time, fuel and energy. You can search, book & navigate parkings in real time. Follow them on Twitter to know more about smart parking.

23. AppyParking
With AppyParking you can find parking bays, car parks, motorcycle, disabled and electric bays as well as parking zones! It’s the must have parking app for any driver. Also, they publish very interesting industry related articles on their Twitter. Check it out.

24. Telensa
Telensa is a world #1 in connected street lighting and smart city wireless networks. They publish very useful tips and insights about smart lights.

25. Mobike
The world’s largest and most technologically advanced smart bikeshare platform. Follow them on Twitter to know more about smart vehicles industry.

26.  Plume Labs
Creators of Flow, the smart air quality tracker. On Twitter they publish very interesting information about air pollution and use cases of Plume Labs to take a better control of the air your breath in the cities.

27. Veniam
Veniam turns vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots and builds vehicular networks that expand wireless coverage and collect terabytes of actionable data. On their Twitter they publish information about the company and news as well as events about the industry.

28. Sigfox
Sigfox has reinvented connectivity for the IoT. It drastically brings down cost and energy consumption required for securely connecting IoT sensors to the Cloud. On Twitter Sigfox published information about the company and new services.

29. Compology
Building rugged hardware + intuitive software for the waste industry. They regularly tweet about waste industry trends, news and events.

30. Smart City Feed
And the last one in our list of Smart city influencers us Smart City Feed. Interested in Smart City news? In this account you will find retweet of the best posts related to smart city industry.

I hope you found this list useful for you. If you belivee you should be listed here or you know Twitter accounts related to smart city and they are worth following, please share them in the comments section below!

Thank you!

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