Agile methodology

Working Software

Working software; go live strategy

Nowadays most of the companies claim that they are Agile, it became kind of a standard. The majority of them also say that they build working software, but in reality each company understands it differently. And here is the problem! … Read More

Distributed Agile Teams

Distributed agile teams: 9 hacks that make them work

The world is going insane. Thousands and thousands of things we have in our brain every day; new stuff to do, new trends to discover, new team members, projects that you have to catch up with, self-education, etc. It seems … Read More

Software Architecture Books

Top 20 software architecture books

Software architecture has become an important part of every software project. When building a solid software architecture, you select the important parts of a systems, think how these parts fit together, and take crucial decisions in designing these systems. It … Read More

Round Robin

Round robin with Christian Ciceri at Apiumhub

At Apiumhub we always try to innovate in order to come up with more efficient processes to complete a task or a project in general. The goals are always the same: build working software, work with high performance, scalability, cost … Read More

Memories Of An Entrepreneur

Memories of an Entrepreneur

I was invited to UB – Universitat de Barcelona to give a speech about entrepreneurship. I prepared this class for those students out there that want to open their own company in the future and hopefully these entrepreneur tips will … Read More

Software Startup

How to Apply Agile Methodology to a Software Startup?

Software development is a highly lucrative and exciting career choice both for fresh graduates and established professionals. Coupled with a software startup work environment, software development can give way to innovative and attractive software solutions. However, settling for a daily … Read More

Product Roadmap Importance

Product Roadmap importance in Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a continuous process of planning and guiding project development. Today, one of the biggest myth is that agile development does not conform to long-term planning. In agile software development, the entire agile project is divided and … Read More

entrepreneurship panel in Barcelona

Eada: entrepreneurship panel in Barcelona

In January Eada organized entrepreneurship panel in their renovated campus in Barcelona and I was lucky enough to be invited there as a panelist representing Apiumhub. About the event: entrepreneurship panel discussion in EADA EADA has entrepreneurship center whose mission … Read More

Minimum Viable Product

Less Is More – Minimum Viable Product

A lot of startups don’t even know what is MVP (minimum viable product), and begin their business with an idea that they think people need and want. They spend months, sometimes even years, perfecting their product without ever showing the … Read More

Agile Methodology, Not Only For Software Development

Agile methodology, not only for software development

Agile became a “hot trend” these years. People used to associate Agile methodology with agile software development, but nowadays it is implemented in all departments and companies fight for the awards to be nominated as an “Agile company” or to … Read More

Agile estimation techniques

Agile estimation techniques to know about

Agile estimation techniques can be useful for every team. Estimation & planning are one of the most important activities in any project. Agile methodologies make planning more valuable, its accuracy is increased, and hence the predictability of the project. In … Read More

A Complete Scrum Sprint Explanation

A complete scrum sprint explanation

Many people consider switching to Agile. Good initiative! A good start would be to get a good understanding of scrum sprints. So here’s a scrum sprint explanation that should get you started. What is scrum? A feedback-driven approach Scrum methodology is … Read More

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