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entrepreneurship panel in Barcelona

Eada: entrepreneurship panel in Barcelona

In January Eada organized entrepreneurship panel in their renovated campus in Barcelona and I was lucky enough to be invited there as a panelist representing Apiumhub.   About the event: entrepreneurship panel discussion in EADA   EADA has entrepreneurship center … Read More

Agile Methodology, Not Only For Software Development

Agile methodology, not only for software development

Agile became a “hot trend” these years. People used to associate Agile methodology with agile software development, but nowadays it is implemented in all departments and companies fight for the awards to be nominated as an “Agile company” or to … Read More

Memories Of An Entrepreneur

Memories of an Entrepreneur

I was invited to UB – Universitat de Barcelona to give a speech about entrepreneurship. I prepared this class for those students out there that want to open their own company in the future and hopefully these entrepreneur tips will … Read More

Agile Estimation

Agile estimation techniques to know about

Agile estimation techniques can be useful for every team. Estimation & planning are one of the most important activities in any project. Agile methodologies make planning more valuable, its accuracy is increased, and hence the predictability of the project. In … Read More

Definition Of Done

Definition of done examples for software projects

Definition of done is crucial to an agile team. It is key to delivering high quality product and satisfying your management or client in terms of project management and results. To achieve this, you need to ensure that you are … Read More

Agile Games

Agile games for team building

Games are fun, no doubts about that. But is that why they are used as team building activities? It’s not really the main reason, there are other explanations for that. Today, I would like to talk about nice agile games … Read More

A Complete Scrum Sprint Explanation

A complete scrum sprint explanation

Many people consider switching to Agile. Good initiative! A good start would be to get a good understanding of scrum sprints. So here’s a scrum sprint explanation that should get you started. What is scrum? A feedback-driven approach Scrum methodology is … Read More

What you should know when building an Agile team

What you should know when building an Agile team

When we talk about an Agile team, we mean a cross-functional group, usually between five and ten people, that have the ability and authority to define, build, and test some elements of the solution. Most commonly, you will hear about scrum … Read More

How To Do Guest Posting At Apiumhub

How to do guest posting at Apiumhub

Apiumhub has started guest blogging in 2017 and we are very happy about it! It gives our blog more value because software experts from different industries and countries share with us their opinion, and we end up seeing the same … Read More

Agile Transformation: Steps, Statistics & Case Study

Agile transformation: steps, statistics & case study

Many companies are stuck in old ways of operating, and that negatively affect an organization’s speed and adaptability to change. Nowadays, to be competitive in the digital age, businesses need to achieve agility. But many leading companies struggle to be … Read More

Top Agile Blogs To Track

Top Agile blogs to track in 2019

There are many great Agile blogs and project management blogs to read, but do you ever wonder which Agile blogs are most readable? At Apiumhub, we do. Here are the best of the best – 20 agile blogs to read in … Read More

Lean Software Development & Lean Startup

Lean software development & lean startup

One of the success drivers is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. As we are fans of Agile methodology, we couldn’t miss lean startup & lean software development topics. … Read More