Code Refactoring

Code refactoring techniques

Code refactoring is one of the key terms in software development and today I would like to talk about code refactoring techniques that might increase your efficiency! But first, let’s agree on what is code refactoring! Basically, code refactoring is … Read More

Callback Hell NodeJs

Callback Hell NodeJs: a solution with Fiber

Apiumhub developers and any developer that has worked with Node.js must has encountered a problem when dealing with asynchronous APIs (I/O) that JavaScript offers; the famous JavaScript Callback. It’s the way JavaScript incorporates responding to events. In this article I … Read More

How To Become A Software Developer

Tips on how to become a software developer

You’re considering becoming a software developer? Great, you’re in the right place! We’ve got an amazing team of developers here at Apiumhub, and after talking with them, they all told me that it can be really difficult to know how … Read More

A Programming Cheat Sheet

A programming cheat sheet that will get you started

If you started working for a tech company or that you’re surrounded by programmers, developers or architects and that you have no idea of what they are talking about, continue reading. If you regularly hear words like software architecture, PHP, HTLM5, API, TDD and continuous … Read More

User Stories; Tips & Best Practices

User stories; tips & best practices

You might have heard about XP Day – an international conference about Extreme Programming and Agile processes. We’re very happy that Apiumhub’s team in Vietnam had the chance to attend this great and helpful event; XP Day Vietnam. We can … Read More

laptop 926775 1920

Single responsibility principle in object oriented design

In object-oriented programming, there are five basic principles (OOP principles, SOLID) that, properly applied, make the difference between a good and a bad design. The difference between an application that is easy to maintain and one that is not. The … Read More

Javascript Callback Hell

Javascript Callback Hell, how to solve it?

If you use node.js or some other similar technology, based upon some react-to-events paradigm, you are almost certainly paying a TAX over your developments, the so-called Callback Hell. Today we will se how to solve Javascript Callback Hell.  Specifically, it’s … Read More

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