Software developer

Full Stack .NET Developer job offer in Barcelona

We are searching for a .Net senior developer to join our software development team in Barcelona! We keep receiving interesting projects to work on and build working software.    Overview We are looking for a .NET Developer on a full-time … Read More

Software Project Milestone

Software project milestone: what, why & how

Probably you have heard the word “ software project milestone ” thousand times or more. But, what are these milestones, who needs to create them, when are they needed, does every project require milestones, what are the advantages of them, … Read More

The Best Colleges For Software Developers

Where to Study: The Best Colleges For Software Developers

Software development is now one of the most prospective fields that results in tons of students wanting to become developers. According to Glassdoor, the Software Engineer role is now one of the in-demand jobs in Spain. We are living in … Read More


Socracan 2020 Experience Report

I’ve had a wonderful time at the Socracan 2020. Here’s my Experience Report about it. What’s an Open Space? An Open Space (a.k.a Open Space Technology, a.k.a Unconference) is a kind of event where attendees are in charge of the … Read More

Using Console In JS For Better Testing

Using console in JS for better testing

In this article i’d like to share my experience of using some console features for debugging purposes. Let’s start with the definition what is a console? Console – is a browsers built-in debugger. Obviously you know about it using console.log … Read More

Reactive Architecture

Reactive architecture benefits & use cases

While the term reactive architecture has been around for a long time, only relatively recently has it been recognized by the industry and hit mainstream adoption. The goal of this article is to analyze what reactive really is and why … Read More

Software Requirements Prioritization

Software requirements prioritization techniques you should know

Software development project just like any other project has multiple requirements, budgetary constraints, and tight deadlines. Therefore, there is a need to do software requirements prioritization as it is just impossible to do everything at once. So, you need to … Read More

Benefits Of Feature Toggles Or Feature Flags

Benefits of feature toggles or feature flags

Many developers say that they use feature flags or feature toggles, but this year we have realised that there is some confusion around the term that still persists. Therefore, we decided to write an article about Feature toggles and feature … Read More

The Unbreakable Product Owner

The Unbreakable Product Owner: a SuperHero in software development

Superman is the most powerful Marvel superhero without any doubt. Ability to fly, X-rays, strength, invincibility … there were some other characteristics that defined him when it comes to saving other people’s’ lives. In the software development industry, there is a … Read More

Kotlin Everywhere

Kotlin Everywhere in Barcelona

Every day there is more and more activity around Kotlin, the community is growing and Jetbrains launches new initiatives to offer online resources, as well as offline events and talks in every corner of the world. And this autumn we … Read More

Code Smells

Code smells that are found the most

In Apiumhub we always focus on quality and best practices in Software development. When we don’t start working on a project from scratch, we very often find code smells and this article is about it. Martin Fowler very well explained … Read More

Legacy Code

Legacy Code: definition, recommendations & books

In Global Software Architecture Summit in Barcelona, we talked about “Legacy Code” and there were many opinions about it. I decided to do a small research to continue investigating, I read books about this topic and talked with our software … Read More