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Have a software development project in mind? We are trusted software development partner, and we are offering complimentary FREE audits to enhance your team’s practices. Our goal is to streamline your development process and achieve greater efficiency.

During the audit, we will focus on:

  1. Software Architecture: Evaluating the overall design and structure of your software application, including its modularity, scalability, maintainability, and adherence to best practices. We will assess whether your software architecture supports the current and future needs of your organization and recommend improvements if necessary. This includes reviewing architectural patterns, component design, data flow, system integration, and any relevant architectural documentation.
  2. Technology Stack: Assessing the compatibility, scalability, and effectiveness of your tools and technologies to optimize your tech stack.
  3. User Load and Demand: Evaluating your software’s ability to handle concurrent users and high-demand processes, suggesting enhancements for a smooth user experience.
  4. Deployment Frequency: Identifying opportunities to improve your release management process, such as implementing CI/CD pipelines for faster deployments.
  5. Deployment Time: Analyzing the efficiency of your development and release cycles, recommending ways to streamline the process and deliver features faster.
  6. Bug/Issue Management: Improving testing practices, code reviews, and software quality assurance to reduce bugs and enhance overall quality.
  7. Production Issue Resolution: Assessing incident response and resolution processes, providing recommendations for effective monitoring, and minimizing downtime.
Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the hidden potential of your software project. Take advantage of our Free Software Project Audit today and gain valuable insights to drive success.
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Software Architecture Audit with
Christian Ciceri

Christian Ciceri is software architect and cofounder at Apiumhub, he began his professional career with a specific interest in object-oriented design issues, with deep studies in code-level and architectural-level design patterns and techniques. He is a former practitioner of Agile methodologies, particularly eXtreme programming, with experience in practices like TDD, continuous integration, build pipelines, and evolutionary design.

He has always aimed for widespread technological knowledge; that’s why he has been exploring a huge range of technologies and architectural styles, including Java, .NET, dynamic languages, pure scripting languages, native C++ application development, classical layering, domain-centric, classical SOA, and enterprise service buses. In his own words: “A software architect should create a working ecosystem that allows teams to have scalable, predictable, and cheaper production“.

Christian is a public speaker and author of the book “Software Architecture Metrics”, which he co-authored together with Neal Ford, Eoion Woods, Andrew Harmel-Law, Dave Farley, Carola Lilienthal, Michael Keeling, Alexander von Zitzewitz, Joao Rosa, Rene Weiß.

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