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Dedicated Software Development

Scale your project with our dedicated development team services

Apiumhub, your key tech partner

At Apiumhub, we know how to make software engineers enjoy their work! Together we improve estimations, development, QA, automation, and delivery practices.

Apiumhub is more than a development company, Apiumhub is a software partner with years of experience applying best practices that help technical teams deliver robust, scalable, and better performing working software on time.

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We aim for building long-term relationships, delivering constant value to our clients


We support technical teams to innovate continuously and achieve excellence.


We combine culture, architecture, testing, and processes to provide the best results.


By providing high quality, we reduce delivery times, detect and eliminate bottlenecks.

Team Services For Dedicated Software Development​

We provide dedicated development teams that are made up of experienced:

software architecture service apiumhub

Senior Frontend developers

We offer high quality senior frontend developers following best practices. We’re up to date with the last available tech: libraries, tools and frameworks like React and Angular.

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Senior Backend Developers

Our backend team work with languages that have big market penetration, with an active community and great support, which also allows us to use the two biggest programming paradigms, object oriented and functional: Java, Kotlin, .NET and PHP.

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Senior Mobile developers

We have Senior Mobile developers with proven experience in native iOS and Android apps with Kotlin and Swift.

DevOps service apiumhub

Software architects

We define and implement the software architecture that best fits your digital product to ensure high performance & cost reduction.

DevOps service apiumhub

DevOps engineers

We offer DevOps engineers, environment building & automation, dockerization, deployment automation, CD & performance tests.

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Product Owners

We accelerate innovation and ROI. We have enormous experience in defining, building, and delivering high quality digital products.

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QA automation engineers

We build a coherent QA software test automation strategy to leverage best practices in testing, continuous integration & test-driven development.

What do we offer to your project?

Each client is unique for us and each project becomes as it was our own one. We have a diversity of tech stacks, all seniority levels, English proficiency, and strong soft skills – with Apiumhub you will get your dream team in no time.

Close partnership with our clients allows us to understand all their needs and requirements as well as choose the appropriate tech strategy.

Improving rotation rate

Through knowledge sharing practices and making team proud of what they do and how they do it, we reduce rotation rate. We create a culture where software development team loves their project.

Accelerating software delivery process

We constantly implement modern practices in software development, showing how to be more effective and efficient, enjoying daily life.

Facilitating learning process

Never stop growing is in our DNA, we encourage all team members learn from each other by facilitating learning sessions and pair programming days.


Client Testimonials

Fortune 500 companies and world-class brands chose Apiumhub as a reliable tech partner.

Set up a dedicated software team with Apiumhub!

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