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Software Architecture Sonar is a guide for software architects & developers on scalability, performance and cutting-edge technologies.

“Never stop growing” is one of Apiumhub values and we are passionate about sharing best practices and learn more from other software architecture experts in Apium Academy, Software Architecture Sonar & GSAS.


Software Architecture Sonar covers software architecture topics we think you should pay attention to and consider using in your projects to achieve scalability, high performance and maintainability. It reflects opinions of Apiumhub software architects & developers as well as external experts in the field.


Here you will find from deep technical topics based on the projects we work on to current trends, from articles to videos and visuals.

Gradle version catalogs on Android

Gradle Version Catalogs on Android

Introduction: Gradle version catalogs Gradle version catalogs allow us to add and maintain dependencies in an easy and scalable way. Apps grow, and managing projects with several development teams increase the compilation time. To address this issue, one potential solution

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Eventual Consistency Through Message Ordering

Challenges When working in a microservices architecture, we face the problem of communication between our applications. Services must often collaborate in order to handle a request. As service instances are typically processes running on multiple machines or virtual instances, they

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Vue 3 Composition API

In this article, we assume that you know the basics of Vue 3. In the cited article, the main changes from Vue 2 to Vue 3 are explained, as well as the basis for understanding how composition API functions. The

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Server-Side Web Pages With Kotlin (Pt. 2)

Recap: Server-side web pages with Kotlin In the first article, server-side web pages with Kotlin part 1, a brief history of web development was outlined: namely, the four main stages being static HTML page delivery; server-side programmatic creation of web

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Why you should consider using react router v6: an overview of changes

Why You Should Consider Using React Router v6

React Router is a widely used routing library for React applications due to its API, which simplifies integration. The latest version of React-router (v6) was released in November 2021 and marked a significant API change. Version 5 of React-router was

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Back to the future: server-side web pages with kotlin pt 1

Server-Side Web Pages With Kotlin (pt. 1)

Introduction: Server-Side Web Pages With Kotlin Web development has undergone a variety of changes since the internet became popularized in the 1990s: First came the most basic of the basic: HTML pages that were completely statically rendered, with no dynamism

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JSON in Kotlin: Comparing options

JSON in Kotlin: Comparing Options

In any web service that receives and transmits data to and from a server, the first and last events will usually be transforming the data from the format used by the web request into the format that the web server

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