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Software Architecture Sonar is a guide for software architects & developers on scalability, performance and cutting-edge technologies.

“Never stop growing” is one of Apiumhub values and we are passionate about sharing best practices and learn more from other software architecture experts in Apium Academy, Software Architecture Sonar & GSAS.


Software Architecture Sonar covers software architecture topics we think you should pay attention to and consider using in your projects to achieve scalability, high performance and maintainability. It reflects opinions of Apiumhub software architects & developers as well as external experts in the field.


Here you will find from deep technical topics based on the projects we work on to current trends, from articles to videos and visuals.

Apache Camel 101

Apache Camel is an integration framework, which basically means that it is a set of tools that will help you connect one system to another. A basic example could be listening to an AWS SQS queue and saving a file

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Next JS Framework

This article is based on the Next.js documentation. What is Next JS? Framework extensively used by react, used by TikTok, Twitch mobile, Nike, IGN, PlayStation, Marvel, among many others. It offers all the functionality we need to deploy our application

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Introduction In my previous article I discussed the advantages of using ITCSS to organize our styles, mainly for large projects where several people work. Its use will make our structure much more orderly and make the styles of our application

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Micro-frontend architecture

What is a micro-frontend architecture? The micro-frontend architecture is a type of design applied to the frontend that allows us to divide it into smaller, individual and semi-independent applications that work together. This frontend concept is very much inspired by

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Translating text in JetPack Compose

Context Sometimes there are projects where Android’s native text management system falls short. For example, if we wanted to fix a translation error, adjust an explanation or add a new language without having to deploy a new version of the

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Getting Started with Matplotlib – Lesson 1

Introduction Visualization as a tool takes part of the analysis coming from the data scientist in order to extract conclusions from a dataset. In today’s article we are going to go through Matplotlib library. Matplotlib is a third-party library for

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Getting Started with Numpy – Lesson 1

Introduction NumPy is a third-party library for numerical computing, optimized for working with single- and multi-dimensional arrays. Its primary type is the array type called ndarray. This library contains many routines for statistical analysis. Creating, Getting Info, Selecting and Util

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