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We define and implement software architecture that best fits your product

Software Architecture is the foundation of any project

As software grows, performance suffers and scalability becomes an issue. Every time we make changes, it becomes more complicated to manage them and their implementation impacts the system that is already in production. We have solved this problem by successfully applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in clients such as Mango, Zara, Nestlé, Mercadona, and Inditex, improving system performance by over 10x.

Software Architecture Services that we offer

Architecture Audit

We make an architecture audit to obtain information about your project’s state and your product’s capacity to evolve. As a result, we detect your critical points, both current and potential, we define the architecture and development flow to avoid these problems and we create an action plan that let’s us implement this architecture.

Architecture Implementation

We develop and implement the suitable architecture for your project, both independently and alongside your technical team to help it grow.

Source Code Quality Metrics

We study metrics about your product’s development, such as change costs, security, performance, scalability, reliability and solution regression.

Architecture Documentation

Architecture documentation is important for both developers and other stakeholders since it helps understand decision making during the definition and/or implementation of the architecture.

Scalability and Performance Tests

We test your product to see if it will be in a position to endure a huge growth without facing any incident. Otherwise, we provide the necessary guidelines to adopt your platform to these needs.

Our software architecture Methodology

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