Software architecture

By working on your software architecture, we help you define the problems you might encounter in the future, get an overlook of the goals & structure and make it easier to take decisions and manage all sort of changes.


What is software architecture?

Architecture is the base of a project. We take into consideration different aspects to build a solid foundation to the product, ensuring an increase in the quality of characteristics such as performance, manageability and security.

Why is it so important?

Software architecture gives the right technical solutions to ensure your success. If the base of a software is not solid, you risk having negative impacts on time-to-market, costs & adaptability.

Here’s an example of the work we did for AXA.

Our key concepts

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Continuous Integration
  • Microservices
  • Docker
  • SOLID Principles
  • Natural language processing
  • Platform scalability

  • Development process automation
  • Performance
  • Due diligence preparation
  • Domain driven design
  • Incremental Architecture
  • Reactive

Evolution of the architecture

No matter which product you have, and based on your business needs, we help you when it comes to optimizing your code and getting clear technical guidelines.

Source code quality metrics

We study metrics about the product’s development such as costs of changes, security, performance, scalability, reliability or regression of the solution.

Architecture audit

We do an architecture audit to get more information regarding the status of your code and the capability of your product to grow. We then provide your team with a set of recommendations & best practices based on that audit.

Architecture documentation

Architecture documentation is important for developers and different stakeholders as it helps understand the decision making regarding the system.

Scalability testing

We test if your product will be in position to support a high growth without facing any incidents.

Improve your software architecture