Zara is a Spanish multi-national retail clothing chain. It specialises in fast fashion, and sells clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products and perfumes. The head office is in Arteixo, in A Coruña in Galicia. It is the largest constituent company of the Inditex group.


Zara has a large base code with some parts still written in Objective-c, other parts are heavily coupled and has a lot of teams working all together in the same pieces of code, there is no modularisation right now. Modularize the project is one of the goals of this year.


  • Modularize the project in order to split it in several modules/libraries
  • Build a new Analytics Framework as we are owners of the Analytics part of the app.
  • Help other teams to improve their base code with the implementation of new architectural patterns.

technologies used

Used iOS programing languages Swift, Objective-C.

What we developed with the Zara team


Zara is very satisfied with our team and wants to incorporate more Apiumhub team members into their software development projects.

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