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At Apiumhub we bring together the best experts in software architecture and software development to offer you the best team to help you transform your idea into a powerful and scalable product.

We develop powerful and scalable digital products. We put pragmatism and problem solving in the center of every project we work on. We constantly deliver value by creating seamless digital experiences, continuously evolving technology for our customers, enabling an adaptive mindset to meet their business goals. We build sustainable long-term relationships with our clients.

We cover the whole technical cycle of digital product development

We are software development specialists

Web Development

We build robust web platforms, having expertise in a big range of technologies, such as: Scala, Java, Kotlin, Nodejs, .Net, React, etc. We help your project either take off or evolve.

Mobile App Development

We develop native iOS and Android apps with Kotlin and Swift that add value to your business. We pay special attention to software architecture, scalability and best practices.

Software Architecture

We define and implement the software architecture that best fits your digital product to ensure platform scalability, high performance and cost reduction.

Agile Product Owner

We accelerate innovation and ROI. We have enormous experience in defining, building, and delivering high quality digital products. Transparency and communication are key to ensure project success.


We have enormous experience in DevOps consultancy, environment building and automation, dockerization, deployment automation, continuous delivery and performance tests.

QA Software Automation

We know that quality is more than testing: our QA consultants proactively identify key problems, design processes and deliver extensive reports with actionable insights and recommendations.

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Software Architecture Metrics

Software architecture metrics are key to the maintainability and architectural quality of a software project and they can warn you about dangerous accumulations of architectural and technical debt early in the process.  Written by practitioners for software architects and software developers eager to explore successful case studies, this guide will help you learn more about decision and measurement effectiveness. 


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