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At Apiumhub we strive for constant improvement and we continue to work hard to guarantee the best services for our customers.

In 2020 we have launched our first digital product VYou. It is B2B2C SaaS – customer identity and access management solution that allows to have  “All user related features in a box, ready from day one”. 

VYou vision is to simplify the automation of identity management as well as software development life cycle, putting extra emphasis on privacy, easy integration, maintainability, segmentation, conversion rate, user experience and metrics.  With VYou you can quickly build secure access, verification, & scalable digital identity management into your web and mobile applications.


With VYou you will be able to sign up & sign in, recover password, add payments and manage your backoffice users. VYou also offers full customization of your customers profile with dynamic fields and access management. Besides you will have a communication channel with your customers ready to use by using segmented emails and push notifications.


Are you currently embarking on a new mobile project? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the task of designing and implementing the OAuth2 flow, which seems to be a common requirement for every app? Introducing our open source SDK that will kickstart your projects and leverage the collective experience of the community, ultimately reducing your struggles. With our SDK, you have two options. You can choose to utilize just the SDK itself, allowing you to design your own screens while benefiting from the pre-built methods (naturally, you will need to implement your own server). Alternatively, you can make use of our sample project, which takes care of the entire user flow for authentication, access control, and password reminders. This way, you can simply customize a few colors and focus on what truly matters for your project—hopefully, it won’t revolve around the user login system.

VYou Features

  • Build Secure Digital Identity

    Build secure access, verification, & scalable digital identity management into your web and mobile applications for your projects.

  • User & Access Management

    Reduce the risk, cost & time it takes to build reliable and secure IAM functionality into user-oriented applications.

  • Save development efforts

    Building IAM services in-house is costly and distracting, enjoy the benefits of the VYou business model with an annual fee.

Koople is a development tool that has the power to reduce risk, iterate quicker, and gain more control over your software projects. It allows developers to decouple feature rollout from code deployment. This separation allows unprecedented control of who sees what and when, independent of release.

Feature Flags (also commonly known as Feature Toggles) empowers software organizations to release software faster and with less risk and more control as it’s a powerful method that allows teams to modify system behavior without changing code. Feature Flags is a key component of Continuous Delivery (CD), allowing the separation of feature rollout from code deployment. As a Feature Flag management tool as Koople, a team can launch, control, and measure their features at scale.

Koople gives the user different tools to manage releases, change settings dynamically, define target audience to test new features and get latest events related to it. Koople currently supports JavaScript, Java, .NET & React.

Feature Flags are used by many large companies including Mango, Nestlé, Flickr, Disqus, Etsy, reddit, Gmail, Uber, Netflix and Apiumhub.

Koople Features

  • Release Toggles

    Allow in-progress features to be checked into a shared integration branch while still allowing that branch to be deployed to production at any time. Allows teams to modify system behavior without changing code, quarantining off unfinished features from the rest of the codebase and turning on and off the feature in different environments for testing.

  • Audit Log

    Checking the latest events related to your features.

  • Add Remote Configs

    The behavior of features of an application can be changed remotely without having to publish an application update.

  • Target groups

    Segmenting users in different groups based on common attributes, setting different setting values for different users in an application, grouping users based on a set of rules, setting inline rules or defining a set of rules as a target group to reuse in different toggles.

  • Manage permissions at three levels

    Organizations group projects and allow to invite members to work in. Projects embrace working projects and allow to create multiple environments inside. Environments contain project environments and allow to configure the toggle behaviors individually.

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