Web development

We assist you in all the phases of web development starting from defining the requirements to building the roadmap getting your product ready to go live, always evaluating the architectural solutions.

Check out our web project for Agora!

Front end development

When building websites, we enable responsiveness and a clean implementation. Our web development can either be fully customized or be built for content management system for any type of business purpose.

Back end development

Our team is specialized in developing back end systems with a focus on scalability and high reliability scenarios with maximum attention on security.

Main technologies used

When it comes to web development, we use the latest technologies.

Agile software development

You’re going to love agile development!

We start off by determining the scope of your project and then split the work into 2 weeks sprints. Our software development team works side by side with you with the ultimate goal of delivering a 100% working software. We use tools such as Jira that will give you full control and visibility during the whole project.

Unit testing is just so obvious

This practice enables us to verify that our code is working as expected and makes it quicker & easier to detect errors.

You can’t go wrong with continuous integration

We integrate the work various times a day to get immediate feedback, avoid last minute chaos and manage code complexity.

Test driven development is a must

With TDD we save time, increase quality as well as efficiency. By using testing tools, we ensure the final product is error free and meets quality standards. Our test coverage is not lower than 80%.

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