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Bitpanda is an Austrian company founded in 2014 on a mission to reinvent the world of finance. Bitpanda is actually one of the fastest-growing fintechs in Europe. Their platform is rooted in the belief that investing should be safe, easy and accessible to all. Bitpanda has grown to a team of 600+ people and their innovative technology serves over 3 million users and operates across multiple hub locations and it is willing to expand their customer base to over 30 million by the end of 2022.


  • Develop a new customer registration/login webapp to prepare the platform for the new end user as well as white label solutions.
  • Implement a reliable system to acquire user data for analytics and marketing decisions.
  • Implement improvements on the user journey and investigate their impact by means of AB Testing.
  • Refactor many parts of the existing backend (PHP Monolith) and migrate it to a micro service approach.
  • Implement a reliable approach to QA using automated testing to make sure that the code that reached production was reliable, minimizing unwanted results.

technologies used

Backend development:
  • PHP
  • Java (Kotlin)
  • SQL and T-SQL
  Frontend development:
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  Mobile development:
  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)
  • Selenium & Apium
  • TestRails
  • BrowserStack
  Product Management Tools:
  • Segment, Heap and Braze
  • Google Analytics
  • LaunchDarkly


  • Implemented the first AB Test of Bitpanda on a customer onboarding journey.
  • Improved the performance of the OAuth token endpoints cutting response time from 2secs to 0.3secs, preparing the platform to absorb a bigger volume of users.
  • New onboarding webapp written completely in Angular, with a high degree of flexibility to adapt the user journeys to the different requirements of different countries and clients.
  • Migrated the onboarding process in the mobile apps to a modularized architecture to align with Bitpanda architecture and ensure the independence of our team to add features to our part.


What we did

Business Impact

Apiumhub worked with Bitpanda since July 2021 until March 2023. Bitpanda recognized Apiumhub as one premium partner to lean on for critical tasks.

Apiumhub’s goal was to refactor the whole accounting and user management system, as Bitpanda had grown a lot in user base, the platform could not sustain the traffic under load.
Apiumhub worked along internal Bitpanda teams to provide a new architecture, microservices and went to low level to optimize security protocols to make the platform support more load.

In parallel, we also refactored the whole Login/Registration microservice in Web frontend (Angular), Android and iOS, implementing past missing features such as AB Testing, feature flags and user behavior analysis tools.

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