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We constantly track new initiatives and projects by the Green Software Foundation and ahead of COP27 in November 2022, GSF launched its Speakers Bureau, a comprehensive catalog of speakers in the area of green software. As the organizers of the Global Software Architecture Summit, we recognized the significance of introducing this subject in the forthcoming edition. Consequently, we’ve curated a list of speakers we are eager to feature in our upcoming events and meetups, aiming to enhance awareness and catalyze a positive influence within the software development industry.

Green Software Speakers

  • Adam Jordan – Distinguished Software Engineer at Shell

Dedicated software engineer, computer scientist, data scientist, and application security specialist with over two decades of experience delivering software solutions spanning diverse business sectors. A fervent proponent of sustainable software solutions that align with global objectives.

  • Andrea Tosato – Software Architect at Open Job Metis

Andrea is a green software speaker, Microsoft MVP in Azure, and Developer Technologies, recognized for outstanding contributions. Employed as a software architect within an Italian company, Andrea has been actively involved in software development since 2010. Notably, Andrea is the founder of Cloudgen Verona, a vibrant .NET community-based in Verona.

  • Annie Freeman – Platform Engineer at Xero, Enrolled Barrister and Solicitor at Xero

Annie serves as a platform software engineer at Xero, situated in New Zealand. Her fascination with the potential of engineers to address climate issues through green software practices began in 2021. She is particularly passionate about constructing carbon-aware software that can adaptively operate in regions or timeframes with the lowest carbon footprint. Annie brings her speaking expertise to various conferences and meetups. Additionally, she holds the title of an enrolled barrister and solicitor in New Zealand and is intrigued by the intersection of software and law, seeking innovative solutions to combat climate change.

  • Arne Tarara – CEO/Lead Engineer at Green Coding Berlin GmbH

Arne holds the position of CEO at Green Coding Berlin GmbH, a Berlin-based green software company. With 16 years of professional experience in software engineering, including roles as CTO and CEO, he has become a prominent speaker at Green Software events in Germany. Arne also leads the development of the Green Metrics Tool, a prominent software energy measurement tool, and regularly releases open-source tools and research articles in the field of sustainable software engineering.

  • Cameron Casher – Senior Consultant Software Developer & Clean Tech Strategist at ThoughtWorks

Cameron has spent over five years in the software development field, and for the past two years, I’ve been a Clean Tech strategist at Thoughtworks. Throughout his career, he has provided consulting services to clients in various domains and locations, specializing in application modernization. Additionally, he offers guidance on Clean Tech best practices, assisting clients in advancing their sustainability initiatives within the realm of cloud computing.

  • Carlos Pignataro – Head of Technology and Data, Engineering Sustainability at Cisco Systems
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Carlos Pignataro heads the Technology and Data division within Cisco’s Engineering Sustainability Office. His primary responsibility is to integrate sustainability into the engineering roadmap and utilize the company’s portfolio to champion sustainability solutions. Throughout his tenure at Cisco, he has held several technology and executive positions, including Distinguished Engineer, CTO for the CX, and for the Services Global SP businesses.

Carlos is deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Over his 20+ year career, he has been fueled by his unwavering passion and curiosity for technology innovation, strategic thinking, and the pursuit of technology for the greater good. Notably, he also serves as adjunct faculty at NC State University.

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  • Daniel Fratte – Lead Software Engineer at ThoughtWorks

Daniel serves as a software engineer and green tech advocate at Thoughtworks Europe. With over a decade of experience in the software industry, he has engaged with numerous clients and organizations across South America, North America, and Europe. Daniel’s professional journey has honed his skills as a generalist, exposing him to diverse industries and domains, often in highly uncertain environments.

His core belief is that technology should enhance human life without compromising the environment. As a result, he is deeply passionate about crafting solutions that not only meet market demands and client expectations but also align with sustainability best practices. In his role as a Green Tech analyst, he provides guidance and consulting to clients and partners, aiming to instill a sustainability-focused mindset and agenda within organizations, driving them towards a more sustainable future.

  • Davide Bianchi – Technical Leader at Mia-Platform

Davide currently holds the role of Technical Lead at Mia-Platform, where his passion lies in the open-source realm and crafting green software solutions in the cloud-native landscape. As an expert in Go and NodeJS, he has dedicated years to developing applications on Kubernetes and initiating projects aimed at enhancing their accessibility. He is also the creator of Kube Green.

  • Erik Doernenburg – Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks

Erik is a software engineer with a profound passion for technology. Throughout his 25-year journey in the tech industry, he has explored a multitude of emerging technologies, driven by a relentless curiosity to unlock their potential while staying grounded in well-established engineering principles.

Currently serving as a technical director at ThoughtWorks, Erik plays a pivotal role in assisting clients in harnessing the full potential of contemporary technologies, platforms, and best practices. Erik is not only an accomplished professional but also a regular speaker at industry events. He has made significant contributions to various books and actively maintains multiple open-source projects. His educational background includes a degree in informatics from the University of Dortmund as well as studies in computer science and linguistics at University College Dublin.

  • Jochen Joswig – Senior Software Engineer at MaibornWolff
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Jochen pursued his education in San Francisco (USA), Jena, and Hamburg (Germany). It was during his academic journey that he began to appreciate the remarkable potential of software and information and communication technology (ICT) to tackle even the most formidable challenges. Since 2020, he has been consumed by two fundamental questions: How can software be harnessed to address a wide range of sustainability issues? How can we make the software development process itself more sustainable? The latter question holds a particular fascination for him, given his background as a software developer. Consequently, he took the initiative to become a founding member of the Green Software Manifesto ( and has been actively engaged in researching and sharing insights and ideas centered around the concept of green software.

  • Paola Annis – Engineering Manager at Microsoft

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Paola E. Annis currently thrives in her role at Microsoft, where she delves into the realm of Azure cloud technology. Her career has seen her actively engage with strategic customers, oversee substantial migrations, and spearhead digital transformation initiatives. In her daily responsibilities, Paola passionately champions both cost governance and sustainable software engineering while actively participating in women in tech communities. 

  • Oliver Cronk – Technology Director at Scott Logic

A technology generalist, strategist, and effective communicator from a young age, he has nurtured a lifelong curiosity for science. His professional journey has encompassed a diverse range of roles, from programmer to technology architect. In his capacity as a solutions architect at an energy and environmental consultancy, he has been involved in impactful projects for notable entities such as Defra, DECC, the Environment Agency, and the European Commission.

His role as an architect for a European energy company further enhanced his expertise. Additionally, he takes the lead in hosting the “Architect Tomorrow Podcast,” where he explores the question of how to architect a brighter future. Currently, he is at the helm of shaping Scott Logic’s vision for sustainable technology, aiming to drive innovative and eco-conscious solutions.

  • Ricardo Henriques – Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft

A technology leader known for solving problems, connecting the dots, and pioneering green software solutions. His optimal state is when people, technology, and business converge. Presently, he is at the helm of Azure Customer Experience Engineering teams at Microsoft, where the focus is on transforming customers into avid supporters while enhancing the platform. Rooted in a software development background and boasting two decades of experience in both technical and senior management capacities, he has successfully nurtured teams and brought delight to customers across support, consulting, and engineering domains.

  • Roberto Freato – Chief Technology Officer at Witailer 
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Following the completion of his MSc in computer science engineering, during which he conducted research on consumer cloud computing for his thesis, he embarked on a specialization journey in Cloud and Azure technologies. Over the years, he authored several books on Microsoft Azure, specifically tailored for K12 education, and he has been actively engaged in training and speaking engagements within the European developer community.

His commitment to technical excellence is underscored by his extensive portfolio of certifications from various vendors, and he has proudly held the title of Azure MVP since 2010. For a decade, he served as a freelance consultant for prominent companies in Italy before co-founding ReStore as the CTO. Today, he has the privilege of serving as the CTO of Witailer, a part of the esteemed Retex Group. Witailer is a pioneering force in the realm of Amazon and eMarketplace services for brands in Italy.

  • Santiago Fontanarrosa – VP of Technology at Globant

In his role as VP of Technology at the Sustainable Business Studio, Santiago oversees the strategic direction for all technology-related services. The studio operates at the dynamic intersection of digital technology and sustainability, amalgamating fresh expertise and competency in emerging fields like green IT and sustainable tech. Santiago’s educational background includes a degree in computer science, and his professional journey spans over 15 years, marked by a robust foundation in software development, leadership, and business development.

Throughout his career, Santiago has spearheaded numerous teams, guiding them from project inception to the development of diverse digital projects for clients at Globant. His focus since 2020 has been on integrating sustainability principles into the software development process and digital services. In line with this mission, he has taken on the role of a steering committee member of the Green Software Foundation. Before joining Globant, Santiago’s contributions extended across the globe, serving world-class clients in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. Over the years, he has led teams in various business sectors, including Retail, Banking, and Airlines, effectively assisting clients in realizing their business objectives.

We aspire to witness an increasing number of companies embracing green software practices. The growing support for the Green Software Manifesto, as evidenced by more signatories, is an encouraging development. On our part, we are committed to arranging green software meetups and actively participating in green software events and initiatives to make a meaningful impact in this field. If you have any proposals or ideas on this front, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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