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Apiumhub becomes React Summit partner

Save the date! November 3 – 4! Online Summit for React JS Developers! Apiumhub always participates as a speaker, sponsor or collaborator in tech events that make a difference and React Summit is one of them! Absolutely recommended! We have … Read More

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Trunk-based Development

When coding an application it is important to remain in sync with the other engineers working on the project. One strategy that helps a team stay in sync with changes to the codebase is known as trunk-based development. When employing … Read More


From OOP to FP by Joaquin Azcarate – backend developer at Apiumhub in Software Crafters Barcelona

Software Crafters Barcelona For those of you who don’t know anything about the event, let us briefly explain the main idea behind it.  Software Crafters Barcelona is a two day event which aims to attract and connect software development professionals. … Read More

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Sacrificial architecture

One of the toughest decisions your software development team may face as you scale is deciding between keeping your current codebase and rebuilding on a new software architecture. In this article we will see what is so called sacrificial architecture … Read More

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Koople: new Feature Flags tool developed by Apiumhub developers

Apiumhub is extremely proud to announce that Oscar Galindo, David Gomez and David Serrano, who are part of Apiumhub software development team, have launched their own Feature Flags tool – Koople.  What is Koople? Koople is a subscription-based cross-platform feature … Read More


Incident management process & tools

Incident management is one of the most critical processes a software development team has to get right. Service outages can be costly to the business and teams need an efficient way to respond to and resolve these issues quickly. For … Read More

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NPCs: Interactive Narrative control with Machine Learning

We are extremely proud of our Data Scientist – Gema Parreño, who has been invited to the Game development summit to give a talk about “Interactive Narrative control with Machine Learning”. About the Summit While offline events are temporarily gone, … Read More

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T-shaped teams benefits

This year one of the terms we are hearing more and amore about is the T-shaped teams. One of the most relevant topics to modern companies across all industries is how to foster innovation and best practices in software development … Read More


Machine Learning interview with Gema Parreño – Lead Data Scientist at Apiumhub

Today we have interviewed our Gema Parreño – Lead Data Scientist at a software development company – Apiumhub, where she develops Data-Driven Solutions. She is passionate about the intersection of machine learning and games , and has had her own … Read More

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Apiumhub among top IT industry leaders in Code Europe event

Happy to announce that you may find Apiumhub among top IT industry leaders in Code Europe event. Save the date! The largest programming conference in Poland: September 21, 2021 | Ergo Arena 3cITy September 23, 2021 | PGE Narodowy Warsaw … Read More

Data Innovation Summit with Gema Parreño - lead data scientist at Apiumhub

Data Innovation Summit with Gema Parreño – lead data scientist at Apiumhub

We are super excited to participate in the biggest and the most influential Data, AI and Advanced Analytics event in the Nordics! Data Innovation Summit! There our Gema Parreño – Data Science expert at Apiumhub gives a talk about Alignment … Read More

Tech Leadership books

Tech Leadership books

The transition to tech leadership is a huge challenge. Technical leadership is different. Leading a technical team demands more than just management skills, but also technical prowess, and the ability to navigate the tech world. Working on a digital product, … Read More