Green Software Podcasts and YouTube Channels

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Green software, characterized by energy-efficient coding practices and eco-friendly development approaches, is crucial. Green software podcasts provide a platform for industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners to discuss innovative solutions, best practices, and emerging technologies that prioritize environmental considerations.

Listening to these podcasts offers developers a unique opportunity to expand their understanding of the environmental impact of software development. They delve into topics such as energy-efficient coding practices, eco-friendly server infrastructure, and the overall carbon footprint of digital products. By gaining insights from experienced professionals, developers can make informed decisions to minimize their projects’ environmental impact.

Moreover, green software podcasts foster a sense of community and collaboration among developers with a shared interest in sustainable practices. The discussions and interviews inspire a collective effort to integrate green principles into software development processes. This collaborative spirit contributes to the creation of a more environmentally conscious tech industry. In this article, we will share with you the most active and impactful green software podcasts and YouTube channels. Take notes!

Green Software Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Environment Variables

A green software podcast presented by the Green Software Foundation. This podcast explores the most recent developments in minimizing software emissions and how the industry is addressing its environmental footprint.

Green Software Engineering

The growing recognition of technology’s carbon footprint raises questions about the role software developers can play. How feasible is it to gauge the energy efficiency of your code? Can you craft code that conserves energy? This podcast team unravels the possibilities within the realm of green software engineering.

Climate Action Tech 

  Sustainable Programming

Comprising tech professionals, this community offers support and guidance to drive systemic change within organizations and industries, addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

Green IO

In the green software podcast “Green IO” hosted by Gaël Duez, the focus is on diminishing the ecological footprint of our digital realm. Featuring guests from various parts of the world, the show delves into insights, tools, and alternative methodologies. It empowers conscientious technologists in and beyond the tech sector to contribute to constructing a more environmentally friendly digital world, step by step.

The Energy Gang

One of the green software podcasts presented by WoodMac. This podcast features discussions on the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment.

Interchange Recharge

Another one of the green software podcasts presented by WoodMac. In this podcast, David Banmiller hosts bi-weekly discussions on the global energy transformation and investigates the technology that underlines the energy transition.


In its YouTube channel, the Apiumhub team engages in conversations with influential figures in green software and facilitates online discussions with experts in the field. The topics span a range of areas, including new initiatives in green software, tools, best practices, events, literature, blogs, metrics, and more. Apiumhub recently released interviews with Paola Annis and Annie Freeman, both green software advocates.

CTA Software

In conclusion, listening to green software podcasts is not just about staying informed; it’s a commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the software development industry. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into their work, developers can contribute to a positive global impact while simultaneously advancing their careers in a field that is increasingly valuing environmental responsibility. We trust you found these green software podcasts and YouTube channels beneficial. If you’re aware of other deserving ones for this list, please inform us.

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If you’re keen on presenting insights on the latest developments in green software, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re enthusiastic about connecting with new green software experts and promoting emerging metrics, tools, and initiatives. If you have a green software project in mind, kindly share it with us – we’re eager to contribute! 

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