QA Software test automation services

QA Software test automation services

Expand the use of automation testing to speed up time-to market and reduce costs

Improve quality and compliance with our QA Automation Services

User frustration and trust are critical issues in today’s technology landscape. Many companies are betting not only on extending functionalities but also on ensuring user experience. At Apiumhub we apply automated QA to improve the perception and use of platforms, contributing directly to user satisfaction.

We have already successfully implemented automated QA processes with leading clients such as Mango, Zara, Nestlé, and Mercadona, achieving tangible results in improving the perceived quality of their platforms and user confidence.

QA Software test automation solutions

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QA Automation consulting

We have notable experience with leading QA automation tools: Selenium, TestNG/JUnit, Maven/Gradle, Cucumber, Appium,, .Net Core, RestSharp, Allure, Behave, GitLab CI, Jenkins, Mocha, IntelliJ IDEA, ApacheAnt, SonarQube, Jasmine, Jest, Ava, Jmeter, Gatling, Supertest, SoapUI, KIF, Junit, Phpunit, Mockito, Chai, Sinon, TestNG, Powermock, XCTest, etc.

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Unified QA automation of web, mobile and native apps

We put extra emphasis on increased coverage in terms of device, OS and geographies.

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API Testing

Check integration with other systems, verify the business logic layer of the software

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QA mentoring

Train your team to improve their quality skills

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Test coverage augmentation

Lots of test cases can be executed in a very less amount of time without missing the execution of any important scenarios or cases which results in better test coverage compared to manual testing.

Group 21

Implementation of QA best practices

TDD, BDD, Unit testing, CI/CD, SOLID, DDD

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360-degree view of the entire QA process

Functional testing, performance testing, unit testing, integration testing, usability testing, UI testing, acceptance testing, cross-platform testing, load and stress testing, security testing, configuration and compatibility testing, data migration testing, localization and internationalization testing, etc.

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QA environment

We provide seamless access to all QA environments, with a focus on frequent and meaningful communication.

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QA dashboards

We set KPIs and present data in interactive dashboards to ensure key stakeholders can keep tabs on every aspect of quality.

QA Software test automation benefits

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