We are a software development company which has grown into a tech hub that connects great minds.

Our mission

Continue growing our community & our areas of expertise by bringing together the most passionate & advanced experts to deliver working software that will have an impact on the tech industry.

Our values

Build long-term relationships with our clients to become their technology partner and stand by their side along the way.

Our story

It all started with a small group of experts in software and user experience, joining forces and sharing the same vision, putting agile methodologies in the center of all processes. The more we worked on design & development projects, the more it made sense to separate them and launch a spinoff studio specialised in digital product: North.

We have been expanding our services and network of collaborators to be able to cover the whole process of product transformation. Now, we are more than just a software development company, we are a tech hub that reunites innovation, design & technology.


Barcelona Tech City is a digital business cluster for innovative companies that are based in Barcelona and work in the tech industry.


North is a digital product studio that creates memorable experiences through product & services.

SEOCOM is an award winning agency that helps you build your SEO strategy and optimise the online presence of you brand.

PickASO is an agency specialized in App Marketing & Mobile Growth, covering all stages of an app marketing cycle – ASO, acquisition, retention, monetization and loyalty.

Two Reality is a VR & AR agency, which specialises in creating 3D content for memorable experiences.

Sweat is a production studio that uses animation, motion graphics, VFX and postproduction to create a heavy visual impact to meet strategic needs.

Delvy is a law firm specialised in corporate law, ecommerce, data protection, growth & fundraising strategies and tax needs of companies in the TIC industry.

Thethings.io enables fast and scalable connection of things to the Internet, allowing to monitor and manage devices in real-time and get analytics reports.

Comunicae is a software specialized in content & press management with the objective to simplify relationships between content generators and any means of communication.

Abissi is a spinoff of Abinsula, which is specialized in Cybersecurity for Connected Cars and for Connected Objects

Silicon Valley Barcelona is a unique channel for Barcelona’s entrepreneurial community to expand their presence locally as well as internationally and share key startups, tech and innovation news, tips & events. 

Omitsis is a development company, specialized in Drupal, which puts quality in the center of their processes.

Artesans is a leading WordPress company in Barcelona, which is able to cover the whole cycle of WordPress development.

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