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Who We are

Apiumhub is a software development hub solving complex problems with our high quality solutions. Our purpose is to build scalable software, helping our clients to strengthen their business with powerful technology.

We automate repetitive processes through our own product, VYou, and achieve scalability, faster time to market and cost reduction

never stop growing

We come from different backgrounds, with experience in different fields. We learn from each other and care about our personal growth. Every day, we grow our knowledge. We always want to learn more, we never stop growing.

Go for it

Everything we do has a purpose. We measure our results, we need to know if we’re in the right direction. All our actions are linked to a goal. We don’t just work to work, we go for it.

Growing Family

We know that alone, we won’t go far. We respect and appreciate our people. We welcome with open arms new members joining our team. No matter the number, we are a growing family.

Make it yours

We are honest, transparent and proactive. We believe in the power of communication, may it be with the team or with the client. We have the sense of responsibility, we make it ours.

Building high quality working software

We continue growing our community & our areas of expertise by bringing together the most passionate & advanced experts to deliver working software that will have an impact on the tech industry.

Meet our specialists

We love what we do and we all add our unique touch to deliver high quality projects

Evgeny Predein

CEO & Co-Founder

Ekaterina Novoseltseva


Cristian Ciceri

Software Architect & Co-Founder

Sergi Fernández

Tech Lead

Ramon Felip

Product Owner

Lorena Villa

Accounting Manager

Francisco Raya

Tech Lead

Ivan Suárez

Marketing Manager

Joaquín Caro

Tech Lead

Jordi Domenech

Frontend Developer

Óscar Galindo

Fullstack Developer
Sebastian Nugnez
Frontend Developer
Beste Burcu Bayhan
Frontend Developer

David Serrano

Fullstack Developer

Isaac Jordana

UX Designer

Nahuel Casares

Sales Manager
Jordi Martí
Software Developer

Oriol Saludes

Fullstack Developer

Diego Ojeda

Android Lead
Bruno Basas
iOS Developer

Xavi Llordella

Frontend Developer

Eric Martori

Android Developer

Felipe Ferrari

iOS Developer

Javier Gómez

Backend Developer

David Gómez

Fullstack Developer
Rubén Expósito
Android Developer

Serhii Zabolennyi

QA Engineer

Rafa Ruiz

Backend Lead

Antoni Sánchez Reyes

Android Developer

Albert Parrón

Frontend Developer
Carlos Carrera
iOS Lead

Piotrek Majchrzyk

Fullstack Developer

Isaac Royo

Android Developer

Sergio Fontecha

Frontend Developer

David Garcia

Backend Developer

David García Folch

Backend Developer

Joaquin Azcarate

Backend Developer

Marc Florit

Backend Developer

Ileana Díaz

Backend Developer

Sergi Llonch

Frontend Developer

Oleg Sokolov

Android Developer

José Castro

Frontend Developer

Abraham Fernández

Frontend Developer

Jesús Arenas

iOS Developer

Gema Parreño

Data Science Expert

Iria Sánchez

Android Developer

Cuong Le

Fullstack Developer

Daniel Agg

Fullstack Developer

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