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Software Architecture Patterns

5 Major Software Architecture Patterns

In the Global Software Architecture Summit we were discussing software architecture patterns a lot and I decided to write an article about it, highlighting leading software architects insights.      First of all, what are software architecture patterns? Architectural patterns are … Read More

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JSON in Kotlin: Comparing options

JSON in Kotlin: Comparing Options

Introduction In any web service that receives and transmits data to and from a server, the first and last events will usually be transforming the data from the format used by the web request into the format that the web … Read More

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The data leakage nightmare in AI

The Data Leakage Nightmare in AI

Introduction Nowadays, we think of artificial intelligence as the solution to many problems and as a tool that can help humanity achieve huge things faster and with less effort. Those thoughts are not far from being true, but it is … Read More

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React Global Online Summit

Lessons Learned From The React Global Online Summit 22 – Senior Track

On November 8th and 9th, 2022, I attended the React Global Online Summit, an event organized by the Geekle team. I already wrote an article about the React Global Online Summit junior track – but this time I would like … Read More

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Playwright vs cypress: the king is dead, long live the king?

Playwright vs Cypress: The King Is Dead, Long Live the King?

QA automation tools are an essential part of the software development process because they enable developers to test the functionality and performance of their apps before making them available to the public. There are many different QA automation tools available, … Read More

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Apiumhub becomes partner of the Global Summit for Node.js

Apiumhub becomes a partner of the Global Summit for Node.js 23

Geekle’s online conference, “Global Summit for Node.js 23,” is back this year, and Apiumhub is a proud partner.  This conference will be held on January 25 and 26. If one of your New Year’s intentions was to attend more online … Read More

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Interview with Michael Feathers, GSAS 22 speaker

Interview With Michael Feathers, GSAS22 speaker

Michael Feathers, software architect and author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code, attended the Global Software Architecture Summit on October 4th, 2022, to give a talk about “Aligning Architecture with Responsibility Indices.” Apiumhub had the opportunity to interview him to … Read More

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Making scrum meetings more productive

A Proposal For The Less Conventional: Making Scrum Meetings More Productive

Introduction In the list of activities in the Scrum software development life cycle ranked by their popularity amongst developers, “attending meetings” is perhaps locked in a perpetual battle only with “writing documentation” for the position of last place. It’s quite … Read More

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Kotlinconf is back in 2023 and Apiumhub is a supporter

KotlinConf is back this year and Apiumhub is a proud supporter

At Apiumhub, we are excited to announce that we are proud supporters of KotlinConf’23. For the past 3 years, this widely known programming conference has been held online or postponed due to COVID restrictions, but this year the conference will … Read More

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GPT-3 Playground, the AI that can write for you

GPT-3 Playground, the AI that can write for you

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence When it comes to artificial intelligence, there are two main ideas on the table. Some believe that artificial intelligence will eventually surpass human intelligence, while others believe that artificial intelligence will always be at the … Read More

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Current tech market status

Current tech market job status

In 2022, there were a series of massive layoffs at companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Tesla, Amazon, HP, Meta, Salesforce, Oracle, Intel, Spotify, Docusign, Twilio, Apple, HBO Max, Vimeo, TikTok, Netflix, Cisco, Stripe, etc. In total, over 202,736 people in the … Read More

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Project Loom & Kotlin: Some experiments

Project Loom And Kotlin: Some Experiments

A Primer The publishing of Java 19 in September of this year heralded the first public release of the much-awaited Project Loom into the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) ecosystem. A brief description for those who are unaware: Project Loom is … Read More

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What it takes to be a developer advocate

What it takes to be a developer advocate

You’ve probably heard of the term “Developer Advocate” scrolling on Twitter or Linkedin. This term has become very popular in recent years thanks to companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio, and more. But do you know what it means? … Read More

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