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Eventual consistency through message ordering in a microservice architecture

Eventual Consistency Through Message Ordering in a Microservices Architecture

Challenges When working in a microservices architecture, we face the problem of communication between our applications. Services must often collaborate in order to handle a request. As service instances are typically processes running on multiple machines or virtual instances, they … Read More

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Migrating retrofit to Ktor

Migrating Retrofit to Ktor

Introduction Communication between Android applications and servers is a critical aspect of application development, and choosing the right tool to perform this communication is fundamental. Until now, Retrofit has been the standard for excellence.However, in recent years an interesting alternative … Read More

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Nordic companies outsource software development in Barcelona

Nordic Companies Outsource Software Development in Barcelona

Spain has become quite the hot spot for North European countries to branch out company-wise, especially in terms of software development. Many Nordic Companies outsource software development in Barcelona. Spain has a larger software development market and is known for … Read More

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Vue 3 Composition API

In this article, we assume that you know the basics of Vue 3. In the cited article, the main changes from Vue 2 to Vue 3 are explained, as well as the basis for understanding how composition API functions. The … Read More

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Back to the Future: Server-Side Web Pages With Kotlin (Pt. 2)

Recap: Server-side web pages with Kotlin In the first article, server-side web pages with Kotlin part 1, a brief history of web development was outlined: namely, the four main stages being static HTML page delivery; server-side programmatic creation of web … Read More

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Upcoming Tech Events: Conferences You Can’t Miss in June and July

We have said it before, and we will say it again: attending tech events is a must if you want to stay informed, inspired, and connected within the ever-evolving tech industry. Tech events offer a unique opportunity to learn from … Read More

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Midjourney: The AI that won over humans

Midjourney: The AI That Won Over Humans

Art-generating artificial intelligences such as Midjourney, are transforming the world of art. With the rise of AI-powered tools that can create music, paintings, and even some level of animation, the role of artists is being redefined. For centuries, art has … Read More

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Why you should consider using react router v6: an overview of changes

Why You Should Consider Using React Router v6: An Overview of Changes

Introduction React Router is a widely used routing library for React applications due to its API, which simplifies integration. The latest version of React-router (v6) was released in November 2021 and marked a significant API change. Version 5 of React-router … Read More

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GSAS Talk: Understanding the differences between modularity and granularity

GSAS Talk: Understanding the Differences Between Modularity and Granularity

Last year, Apiumhub organized the Global Software Architecture Summit, a 2-day event that focused on software architecture metrics. During this event, I had the opportunity to attend the talk “Understanding the Differences Between Modularity and Granularity” by Mark Richards, an … Read More

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4 reasons to attend tech conferences

4 Reasons to Attend Tech Conferences

Are you the type of person who always sees tech conferences on social media or search engines but never gets around to attending one? As you may know, attending tech conferences is an excellent way to improve your skills, gain … Read More

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Review of Intellij Aqua: New IDE for Test Automation

Review of IntelliJ Aqua: a New IDE for Test Automation

Introduction IntelliJ Aqua is the IDE launched by JetBrains that is oriented towards test automation and incorporates several tools and options that help QA automation develop them. It is currently in the free preview phase, so I have decided to … Read More

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Dedicated team model in software engineering

Dedicated Team Model in Software Engineering

A dedicated team model (also known as a dedicated software development team, or DTM), is a business model that is frequently used in software development outsourcing. Along with time and materials (T&M) and fixed price (FP), the dedicated team is … Read More

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