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Enterprises are finding a way to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology in the digitalization era. Hiring software development services is one of the best ways to quickly update technological advancements. Software development service providers are increasingly gaining popularity among many businesses looking to save money and effort by hiring a team of talented software engineers and making sure to deliver working software. 

Experienced software engineers are in high demand right now. In order to deliver high-quality software projects on schedule, organizations are turning to software development service providers. In-house teams can benefit from an experienced IT partner who can train and mentor them, raising the tech level of the team, making workdays more pleasurable, and helping team members advance their careers.

Top 5 Software Development Service Providers

Is it the first time you are thinking about software development outsourcing or are you about to change your current provider? First of all, don’t rush!

Finding your key software development service provider is like getting married as it will influence your life quality. We strongly believe in collaboration and always try to convert our “competitors” into our collaborators. In this list of software development services providers we share, you will find our main “competitors.” We can definitely say that these are companies you can trust!

These software development service providers are not just average consultancies, they make a difference in the software development industry and most importantly take care of each client, applying best practices. Behind all these companies you will find renowned software development experts, who are public speakers, book authors, and industry influencers. These companies focus on quality and continuous value delivery, understanding the challenges of each client.

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So, who can you trust? If I were to select a long-term tech partner, I would definitely consider the best companies in the industry, that are well-known globally: 

Apiumhub is a software development hub that builds goal-driven working software and most importantly helps software engineers enjoy their work.

Apiumhub is not just another software consultancy, Apiumhub is a software partner that helps technical teams to deliver more robust, scalable, and better-performing working software on time by improving their estimation, development, QA, automation, and delivery practices.

Apiumhub aims for building sustainable long-term relationships with clients. Among key clients, you may find Inditex, Mercadona, Mango, Adidas, Nestle, Grifols, Axa, etc. Apiumhub is known globally for three reasons:

  1. Its successful software projects for Fortune 500 companies
  2. The Global Software Architecture Summit event they organize
  3. The book “Software Architecture Metrics” written by Christian Ciceri – software architect and co-founder of Apiumhub

The core purpose of Endava is to create an environment and a culture that breeds success by caring for their customers as individuals and enabling their people to be the best that they can be.

Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. Endava has helped some of the world’s leading Payments, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, Consumer Products, Retail, Mobility, and Healthcare companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities. By ideating and delivering dynamic platforms and intelligent digital experiences, Endava helps its clients fuel the rapid, ongoing transformation of their businesses.

Among Endavas customers, you may find BBC, Santander, Volkswagen, and many others. CTO of Endava is Eoin Woods – co-author of the well-known book “Software Systems Architecture” and who was the recipient of the 2018 Linda N. Northrup Award for Software Architecture, awarded by the SEI at Carnegie Mellon University. Eoin makes sure that Endava is a reference in the industry in terms of software development. 

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Thoughtworks modernizes operations, platforms, development, and delivery practices to improve customer experience and deliver business value faster.

Thoughtworks leverages vast experience to improve its clients’ ability to respond to change; utilize data assets to unlock new sources of value; create adaptable technology platforms that move with business strategies; and rapidly design, deliver, and evolve exceptional digital products and experiences at scale. You may find Mercedez, Metro, Glovo, Bosch, Bayer, BP, PayPal, AkBank, Walmart, and many more among their clients. Among thought workers, you might find such well-known names as Neal Ford, Martin Fowler, Rebecca Parson, Andrew Hamel-Law, and many others. 

Codurance is a global software consultancy that helps businesses build a better sustainable technical capability to support growth. Among their clients, you may find Roche, ASOS, M&S, Tesco, and others. The purpose of Codurance is to create a long-lasting positive impact in the software industry. They do this by excelling at what they do, building long-lasting relationships at a personal level, and going beyond the service they are delivering.

Workplace Solutions quickly familiarises itself with the different sectors of its customers, speaks their technical language, and knows what support they need and where. Software should not only function properly, but it must also “feel good in the hand” and be adaptable. Usability and maintainability of their software are very important to them and they are masters of the appropriate current technologies. The managing director is Carola Lilienthal – author of “Sustainable Software Architecture” and renowned software architect around the world. 

I hope this article is helpful to you. You might evaluate these companies in terms of where they are based, their industry expertise, etc, but all of them develop working software applying best practices!

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