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Git submodules

General overview This article is based on Git Submodules (Git tools) and real implementation in a production-grade application with several µ-monoliths calling each other via REST APIS.  So, in this article, we’ll see a simplified example of a Spring RestTemplate … Read More

Pinia as an alternative to Vuex

Introduction Vue 3 has become the default version of Vue and it seems that its ecosystem has undergone a revolution. Before, the recommended tools to work with were Vetur, Vue CLI and Vuex; now they are Volar, Vite and, the … Read More

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Introduction Many companies are currently immersed in the implementation and use of agile methodologies. And many others have been using these methodologies in all their teams for years.But it is also known that the more popular the use of agile … Read More

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Project Hygiene

Overview “Eat your veggies!” “Exercise multiple times a week!” “Brush your teeth and floss daily!” Such are the exhortations that every child has heard (many times!) and grown to loathe. However, these are not practices designed solely to make one … Read More

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What is testing? Why is testing so important in Frontend?

According to Uncle Bob, tests are part of the system which many developers think the opposite since they are not deployed. He declares that it is a catastrophic point of view since the test’s role is to support development and … Read More

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Azure Elastic Jobs for SQL Databases

What’s an Elastic Job? While the definition of an Elastic Job is quite straightforward in Microsoft’s documentation, I always like to read about a real-life example of the usage of a technology or tool first – I find it usually … Read More

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Effective software development knowledge sharing via rotations

Knowledge has become one of the most valuable strategic resources. There are a variety of ways to transfer software development knowledge within a company, and project rotation is one of the effective tools based on our experience.  Knowledge is power  … Read More

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Constraint programming

There are several different ways to solve problems in programming. In constraint programming, a problem is viewed as a series of limitations on what could possibly be a valid solution. This paradigm can be applied to effectively solve a group … Read More

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Process First!

It’s all about processes “Making software is like making cars” This is a recurring phrase that I sometimes debate with acquaintances. We are engineers, so it should be the same, but IT people mostly answer with a no. Software evolves, … Read More

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Digital bunkerization in times of pandemics: Basic concepts

Introduction In this article I would like to give a few hints on improvements and actions to perform a light bastioning of the digital environment in our home. A widely used improvement method is to identify patterns of problems, in … Read More

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The rise of the API Economy

Integration has economic benefits, according to software experts. Data and services are more accessible and adaptable now in part because thanks to the API economy and the use of microservices. Businesses can swiftly grow up by constructing a business model … Read More

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The Importance of R&D in Software Product Development

More so than any other industry, software development moves at an incredible pace with new advances being made every day. In an industry that’s fast evolving and continuously advancing, remaining competitive is fundamental, and R&D is the key. Today, companies … Read More

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