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JSON in Kotlin: Comparing options

JSON in Kotlin: Comparing Options

Introduction In any web service that receives and transmits data to and from a server, the first and last events will usually be transforming the data from the format used by the web request into the format that the web … Read More

The data leakage nightmare in AI

The Data Leakage Nightmare in AI

Introduction Nowadays, we think of artificial intelligence as the solution to many problems and as a tool that can help humanity achieve huge things faster and with less effort. Those thoughts are not far from being true, but it is … Read More

Making scrum meetings more productive

A Proposal For The Less Conventional: Making Scrum Meetings More Productive

Introduction In the list of activities in the Scrum software development life cycle ranked by their popularity amongst developers, “attending meetings” is perhaps locked in a perpetual battle only with “writing documentation” for the position of last place. It’s quite … Read More

Project Loom & Kotlin: Some experiments

Project Loom And Kotlin: Some Experiments

A Primer The publishing of Java 19 in September of this year heralded the first public release of the much-awaited Project Loom into the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) ecosystem. A brief description for those who are unaware: Project Loom is … Read More

What it takes to be a developer advocate

What it takes to be a developer advocate

You’ve probably heard of the term “Developer Advocate” scrolling on Twitter or Linkedin. This term has become very popular in recent years thanks to companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio, and more. But do you know what it means? … Read More

Wordle app in jetpack compose

Creating a Wordle app in Jetpack Compose

Part 1: Let’s start with the domain and the first visual component of our Wordle app By now, you have probably heard of Wordle, an app that gained popularity in late 2021 and continues to attract thousands of users to … Read More

technical debt growth

Technical debt growth: how can it happen without realizing it?

Introduction Developers tend to feel very fearful when they must take responsibility for the maintenance of software that has been built a long time ago. I will not refer to a specific time because that depends on the project and … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 6

Debugging The Perplexing: Don’t Panic!

Background In the 10+ years, I’ve spent in software development, I’ve formulated a law of debugging: “The perplexity of a software bug and the simplicity of its probable cause are positively correlated”. Put simply, the more confounding and “impossible” a … Read More

Why use the Framework NestJS

Why use the NestJS framework?

As a front-end developer, I would like to say that the NestJs framework was the best choice to start touching the backend part of the applications. I was always asking my tutor in Apiumhub about design patterns, clean architecture, and … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG

Gatsby for marketing websites

In marketing websites, the main goal is to attract users and obtain leads or conversions. In order to get a good amount of traffic and good positioning, content and SEO strategies are crucial. Throughout the process of creating such websites, … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 15

Advanced bunkerization

Introduction In this article, I want to delve into some additional measures to the ones I exposed in my first article, which add a fairly high level of control and protection of systems within our house. I will leave to … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 18

Remix vs Next.js which one should you use?

Nowadays we have many different framework options when we want to create a new web project based on React. As a developer, you can find yourself struggling to know which one should you choose or which one would best suit … Read More

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