Agile web and app development

Kanban Practices

Kanban practices for Software Development Teams

Today’s customers expect instant gratification, especially when it comes to technology products. Software development is one of those extremely dynamic industries, in which continuous delivery has become a standard. These are the sort of environments that benefit most from agile … Read More

Tech Leadership books

Tech Leadership books

The transition to tech leadership is a huge challenge. Technical leadership is different. Leading a technical team demands more than just management skills, but also technical prowess, and the ability to navigate the tech world. Working on a digital product, … Read More

UX engineering in a software development project

UX engineering in a software development project

Nowadays, there are a growing number of companies looking for UX Engineers, and although this role is becoming increasingly popular among many companies, it’s not as familiar as the term “UX designer”.  The job title “UX Engineer” can make people … Read More

High Developer Effectiveness

High Developer Effectiveness: key factors

In this article I would like to analyze how to achieve high developer effectiveness based on our experience as well as recommendations of well-known software development companies and experts like Martin Fowler.  First of all, what is High Developer Effectiveness? … Read More


iOS App Security Cheatsheet

In a previous article we saw an example on how an attacker could analyse an app in the search of vulnerabilities, and perform an XSS attack through the misuse of a web view. Hopefully after reading that, if you weren’t … Read More

Quarkus GraalVM ES

Quarkus GraalVM. Supersonic Subatomic Java, Kotlin & Scala

Due to the actual microservices server paradigm & server costs corresponding to resource’s consumption, Quarkus is a framework that caught my attention some years ago, as it solves JVM language problems on these concerns. In this article you will find … Read More

Facts About Software Development

Interesting facts about software development: statistics

This year Apiumhub partnered up with codignsans and other software related companies like: clutch, gitkraken, Cooperpress, Level-up, Storyblok, Dashbird, Serverlessguru, Coder, Webiny, Meetupfeed and took part in a global software development research to find out how companies attract software developers, what are … Read More

Mobile Development Challenges

Mobile Development Challenges

There aso some common mobile development challenges in recent years, as more and more users are using their mobile devices for all their daily activities, and users are becoming more demanding when it comes to using a mobile application, both … Read More

Android Development 3 Lessons Learned apiumhub

Android development: 3 lessons learned

This month we have interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead @Apiumhub. In this interview he shares his top 3 lessons learned as well as discusses some recommendations and Android development trends that make a difference nowadays. 1.How to start using … Read More

Service worker Caching And Offline Mode Strategies

Service worker: Caching and offline mode strategies

In this article we are going to look at one of the service worker functions such as cache and offline mode. To start, we will need a resource server. In Apiumhub we have created a small example server from where … Read More

Creating a Telegram bot with Micronaut

Creating a Telegram bot with Micronaut

Telegram is a well known instant messaging application used worldwide for millions of users, so no presentation is needed here. Today on behalf of Apiumhub team we are going to focus on a special feature: bots, third-parties applications that run … Read More

Filtering Data With React-Query Library

Filtering data with react-query library

In this article about react-query library we are going to talk about one of those libraries that have grown a lot over the last year, and rightly so. In the React universe, the react-redux stack is well known, it has … Read More