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Fostering knowledge sharing in software development

Fostering Knowledge Sharing in Software Development

In today’s fast-paced software world, developers are expected to constantly update their knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition. The need for knowledge sharing has never been greater, as it allows developers to learn from each other, solve … Read More

9 Tech Conferences Not to Be Missed in October

9 Tech Conferences Not to Be Missed in October

October is around the corner, and it’s a prime time for tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators to come together and explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and ideas.  In this article, we´ll be your guide to the must-attend tech conferences … Read More

Unlocking efficiency: reducing rotation rate in software development

Unlocking Efficiency: Reducing Rotation Rate in Software Development

The rotation rate on agile software development teams is a controversial subject. The longer the project, the more likely there will be an “unplanned” member rotation. It is well understood that losing team members in a short period of time … Read More

Software Architecture Books that Will be Presented at GSAS 2023

Latest Software Architecture Books That Will Be Presented at GSAS 2023

As the organizers of the GSAS 2023, we take pride in continuously monitoring new releases of software architecture books to extend invitations to their authors for our event. This year, we are thrilled to announce that several renowned software architects … Read More

Azure durable functions: fan-out/fan-in pattern

Azure Durable Functions: Fan-Out/Fan-in Pattern

Introduction When working with Azure Functions, one common scenario is importing a file for processing. In our specific case, we encounter an Excel file with thousands of lines that need to be processed, checking the accuracy of values using multiple … Read More

Dedicated Software Teams vs. extended teams in software development

Dedicated Software Teams vs. Extended Teams in Software Development

In the ever-evolving realm of software development, the choice between utilizing dedicated software teams or extending your existing team can be a pivotal decision that profoundly impacts project success, efficiency, and innovation. Apiumhub, a trailblazer in the software development industry, … Read More

Serverless and edge runtime

Serverless and Edge Runtime

This is the introductory post in a two-part series, exploring the world of Serverless and Edge Runtime. The main focus of this post will be Serverless, while the second one will focus on an alternative, newer approach in the form … Read More

Talks with software development experts - part 3

Talks With Software Development Experts Initiative – Part 3

Welcome to the third and last part of our Talks With Software Development Experts series. As we have mentioned before, this initiative is a section where we interview software engineers and industry experts to learn more about their professions, efforts, … Read More

Top 20 female speakers in software development events

Top 20 Female Speakers in Software Development Events

In recent years, there has been an increasing effort to include more female speakers at software development events. Historically, the tech industry has been predominantly male-dominated, but the lack of gender diversity and female speakers has been recognized as a … Read More

Talks with software development experts initiative

Talks with Software Development Experts Initiative Part 2

In our last article, we introduced our newest initiative, Talk with Software Development Experts, a space where we interview tech experts to get to know more about them, their careers, their experience, and their interests. In this article, we will … Read More

Tips to keep track of code and infrastructure security risks

Tips to Keep Track of Code and Infrastructure Security Risks

Introduction Nowadays, most people take it as a fact that the software we use daily is secure, and that is not really representative of the reality we live in in the software industry. A lot of the software on the … Read More

ChatGPT for developers: key use cases in software development

ChatGPT for Developers: Key Use Cases in Software Development

ChatGPT is a trendy topic in all industries, but today let’s discuss the top use cases of this AI tool for developers. It is a long-form question-answering AI from OpenAI that responds to complicated questions. It’s an exciting new technology … Read More

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