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Translating text in JetPack Compose

Context Sometimes there are projects where Android’s native text management system falls short. For example, if we wanted to fix a translation error, adjust an explanation or add a new language without having to deploy a new version of the … Read More


Our experience migrating from Dagger to Koin

Note: this was assembled with koin version 2.0.1, more recent versions have changed some things. Refer to the official documentation for more information: Context We have a legacy project, started by a team from another company, with other standards, … Read More

Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder-Events

Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder-Events

In 2019, we held a meet up in which we presented our approach to architecture in mobile development. Here you can see the talk: “Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder – Events” In summary, I will first try to explain the concept … Read More

Publishing Multi Module Android Libraries

Publishing multi module Android libraries

A lot of times, while developing mobile applications we realize that we have to solve the same problem time and time again. The solution to this issue is to extract the solution from a library so it can be re-used … Read More

How To Implement A Redux Library

How to implement a Redux library with kotlin and Rx

In this article we will cover how to implement a Redux library with Kotlin and Rx. But first things first, let’s start with the small introduction to Redux library: In essence Redux is an architecture that has three pillars: A … Read More

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