Transactional Outbox Pattern Benefits

Transactional Outbox Pattern Benefits

The Transactional Outbox Pattern is a design pattern used in distributed systems to ensure consistency and reliability when dealing with distributed transactions. In a distributed system, transactions may involve multiple services or components, and coordinating them can be challenging. The … Read More

Domain-Driven Design Europe

Notes on Domain-Driven Design Europe II – 2018 edition

Let’s recap. We are located in Amsterdam, in the 2018 edition of the Domain-Driven Design Europe convention. In the first article I highlighted the first two presentations that, in my opinion, stood out the most in Domain-Driven Design Europe conference. … Read More

DDD Europe Conference

Notes on DDD Europe conference I – 2018 edition

Just like last year, this February I have had the opportunity to attend a very important event in the world of Domain Driven Design – DDD Europe conference 2018, which took place in the city of Amsterdam. I have to say … Read More

An introduction to domain driven design & its benefits

An introduction to domain driven design & its benefits

An application can be developed with an amazing architecture, using the latest technologies and having the best interface, etc. but if it doesn’t solve the business’s needs, it won’t be considered useful for it. That’s when domain driven design (DDD) … Read More

domain driven design

Domain Driven Design Distilled by Vaughn Vernon

We are big fans of DDD and we were lucky enough to assist an event held by Magento, with Vaughn Vernon as a key speaker, presenting his latest book: “Domain Driven Design Distilled”. I bet you can imagine how exciting … Read More

“Almost-Infinite” Scalability

“Almost-Infinite” scalability

The concept of a heavily segregated logical design in order to achieve “Almost-Infinite” scalability systems is stated in the illuminating paper “Life beyond Distributed Transactions: an Apostate’s Opinion” (Pat Helland) as well as in “Implementing Domain Driven Design” by Vaughn Vernon’s. … Read More

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