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Jenkins Plugins

5 best Jenkins plugins recommended by our team

Jenkins is an open source automation server, more specifically a continuous integration server. This tool is often seen as if it were the middleman between your code and your build server because it regularly looks for changes on your server and once … Read More

Software Development Companies

11 software development companies doing great things in Europe

The European startup scene has been growing more than ever and unless you are building everything in house, very often, an external help is needed when it comes to the development part. Which is why I decided to list down … Read More

Scrum Vs Kanban

Scrum vs Kanban; what is the difference?

In Agile software development, there are different methodologies of work that are used. Here at Apiumhub, depending on the project we are working on, we usually use 2 frameworks. We generally either go for Scrum methodology or for Kanban project management. … Read More

All You Need To Know About Hackathons

All you need to know about Hackathons

I’ve noticed that there’s a lack of knowledge about Hackathons, which I believe to be an amazing way of building new products and learning by doing. So to spread the word, I decided to write an article about it. You … Read More

Software Developer Tips

Top 10 software developer tips

I have been working for a while now side by side with our developers in Apiumhub and they inspired me to write an article about the best software developer tips. I spoke to our tech team, read many tech blogs & … Read More

DevOps Metrics

Some DevOps metrics to keep an eye on

Very often, companies find themselves in the situation where they don’t really know how well they are doing regarding DevOps. In that case, they are obviously missing some DevOps metrics. Here at Apiumhub we’ve got quite a few we keep track … Read More

Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development overview

When we talk about outsourcing software development or IT outsourcing in general, we talk about the externalisation of IT services to help clients reduce costs, accelerate time to market and take advantage of external expertise. You are basically looking for … Read More

New Programming Languages

New programming languages that grab my attention!

Technology is changing the world as well as itself. Today, we use computer programming in almost everything; household, agriculture, health, entertainment, communication, banking, etc. Programming languages or computer languages, however you prefer to call it, are expanding more and more, … Read More

Agile Games

Agile games for team building

Games are fun, no doubts about that. But is that why they are used as team building activities? It’s not really the main reason, there are other explanations for that. Today, I would like to talk about nice agile games … Read More

A Complete Scrum Sprint Explanation

A complete scrum sprint explanation

Many people consider switching to Agile. Good initiative! A good start would be to get a good understanding of scrum sprints. So here’s a scrum sprint explanation that should get you started. What is scrum? A feedback-driven approach Scrum methodology is … Read More

Great Mobile Development Influencers

10 Great mobile development influencers

It’s quite important to stay up to date with latest news & discoveries in your industry, specially in the tech industry considering that everything evolves and changes so fast. A great and easy way to do so is to follow … Read More

What you should know when building an Agile team

What you should know when building an Agile team

When we talk about an Agile team, we mean a cross-functional group, usually between five and ten people, that have the ability and authority to define, build, and test some elements of the solution. Most commonly, you will hear about scrum … Read More

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