10 Great mobile development influencers

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It’s quite important to stay up to date with latest news & discoveries in your industry, specially in the tech industry considering that everything evolves and changes so fast. A great and easy way to do so is to follow some influencers. In fact it helps you know about latests trends and hottest technologies. In this post, we did a list of great mobile development influencers that any mobile developer should know about and obviously follow. As I mentioned, everything keeps on changing around us. Specially for developers. So yes, following mobile influencers can help a lot to get tips, news, advice, know about trends. But knowing who to follow is also time consuming, you have to research & research even more. I am not going to lie, there are hundreds of people that are extremely interesting but following all of them closely is not realistic. The list below is not about THE best mobile development influencers in the world, it’s a list of influencers we follow at Apiumhub and that we believe are amazing cracks!

Our top 10 mobile development influencers



Jason is a freelance mobile app developer, building mobile apps for iPhone, iOs, iPad & Android with experience in ASP & .NET. He is currently developing Titanium native apps for companies as Appcelerator, CareMEDS, EMC, Six Pack Productions, Clarityn, ITV, YouGov, Getum, ACE Insurance, Hotskoop, SportsBlog, Kloc, GemsAtWork, Three.co.uk,  UKTV, Mosaique, etc. Jason contributes to open-source projects and wrote his own modules, widgets & apps for Titanium Mobile. Apart from coding, he often works with companies as a development lead, architect and mentor. On his blog, BouncingFish, you can find great advice for developers.



Kin Lane has more than 20 years of experience as a programmer, database administrator, architect, product developer, manager and executive. His objective is to help understand the value and potential of APIs and has decided to focus on the API Evangelist.



Boris is a software developer with a focus on user experience who loves to build for Apple devices. He specialises in mobile apps, distributed computing, code generation, coupling of programming languages and network programming. Boris is a member of the CocoaPods core team and over the years, he wrote various Xcode plugins and contributed to open source projects.



Kyle Fuller is a software and mobile apps developer that focuses on mobile experiences. For a while now he has been crafting apps (mostly iPhone & iPad) and developer tools and has been quite active in many open source communities. Also, he has developed apps like Palaver and actually works at Cocode.



Ayaka has been doing iOS development since iOS 4 and she just loves writing Swift and if you want to read more I would recommend reading her blog. She is quite active and has given many talks, for example at the CMD+U Conference, iOSCon & try! Swift (and many others).



Keith make OS X & iOS apps and is actually working at Lyft as an iOS Engineer. He has become the primary specs repo maintainer at CocoaPods where he manages 3rd party submissions. True believer of the Open Source (Almost) Everything philosophy, Keith has open sourced many of his works and tools he uses on a daily basis.



Pedro is a spanish mobile engineer (iOS developer) currently working at SoundCloud. He has been in the mobile development field for more than 5 years now and has worked in great companies like Redbooth & 8fit. Pedro believes in the power of openness and likes to share information and discoveries through his web, and obviously, he loves open source and you can therefore find all of his projects on his GitHub account.



Greg is a canadian software developer that is actually working on iOS at Instagram. Over the years he has accumulated a lot of experience in iOS, front end web and server side programming. Greg also writes from time to time at raywenderlich.com (high quality tutorials on the web) and he also appears in some of their videos. If you participate to conferences or events, you might have seen him! He will be a speaker at the next Swift Summit in November.



Rui has been developing for iOS since 2010 and  specialises in Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch. He is currently a lead software engineer at MailOnline but has experience in many different industries that go from E-Commerce, to Banking, passing through many others. He also worked a lot with startups & open source projects and loves to help other people, you can see some of his work on Stack Overflow, codeplease.io or even subscribe to his newsletter iOS Goodies.



Quite impressive profile, Chris Eidhof builds iOS and Mac applications. He has helped create objc.io, Deckset, Scenery and UIKonf. He also wrote a book on Functional Programming in Swift, check it out!     Again, this list is not about the best mobile developers because we don’t actually know everyone and people improve on a daily basis. These are great mobile development influencers that we follow and that we believe have a big impact on the community. We are always interested in learning about other people, so if you think we should add a few mobile development influencers don’t hesitate to add their names in the comment section! We would be glad to add them! And if you’re interested, here’s a list of UX influencers that people really liked.

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