5 best Jenkins plugins recommended by our team

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Jenkins is an open source automation server, more specifically a continuous integration server. This tool is often seen as if it were the middleman between your code and your build server because it regularly looks for changes on your server and once it’s found, it sends them to the build server. It has become very popular among developers and that’s why I believe it would be nice to have a short list of the jenkins plugins that we love the most.

Now you should know that not all the codes are written by one person and therefore putting all codes together can be quite long and that’s when continuous integration comes in. But I won’t really go over continuous integration today, you can read more about it here.

Today I would rather list our top 5 jenkins plugins that our team of software developers at Apiumhub use.

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Our 5 best Jenkins plugins

1 – Kubernetes

The “Kubernetes” plugin is great for automating build agents on a Kubernetes cluster. Essentially, the plugin will dynamically create Kubernetes Pods that house a build agent that has started and will stop the agent once the build has completed.

2 – Swarm

This interesting plugin is useful if you plan on using Docker Swarm. It helps make life easier by allowing you to add worker nodes to a Jenkins master node effectively creating a cluster and making scalability much easier.

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3 – Jira

“Jira” is an open source plugin that does exactly what it says. Once installed, you can integrate your Jenkins instance with Atlassian Jira Software.

4 – Pipeline 

“Pipeline” is actually a group of plugins that are used for creating continuous integration pipelines. The interesting part is that these pipelines are written by the user in a domain-specific language.

5 – Monitoring

Since Jenkins was written in Java it only makes sense that the “Monitoring” plugin uses JavaMelody. In a nutshell, JavaMelody is an open source monitoring tool for Java and Java EE applications. This plugin monitors errors, issues, security, HTTP sessions, etc.


I will end this list by saying that for people that are looking to increase their productivity, jenkins is definitely here to help and has many features and great jenkins plugins for that. It is actually quite helpful when it comes to reducing workloads through automation and organisation. Installations are in general quite simple and quick and you’ve got many many plugins to choose from, whatever suits your needs.

Let us know about your favourite plugins in the comment section, we would to hear about them!

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