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Micro Frontends Benefits

Micro Frontends Benefits & Integrations

Microservices have been around for a long time. Despite being a more complex solution than the more traditional Monolith, microservices are a good solution to many extremely common problems in software development, such as difficult and slow deploy process, large … Read More

Functional Debt Vs. Technical Debt

Functional debt vs. technical debt in software development

Probably each person that was ever involved in software development is familiar with the term Technical Debt. It is a brilliant metaphor that was brought from the financial world and that represents the behaviour of code maintenance and scalability over … Read More

Agile Management

Of Gods and Procrastination. Agile management.

The year was 2001. A new methodology appeared in a still young, yet maturing Industry of Software Development. It came with the Agile Manifesto. The new way, the Agile management way, came to break the old, strict, narrow and deep … Read More

React Suspense & Concurrent Mode

React Suspense & Concurrent Mode: Async Rendering

Last 12 of June, some of Apiumhub’s frontend developers had the chance to attend React Next 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was an incredible experience, with lots of interesting talks that encouraged us to keep investigating different concepts. There … Read More

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Javascript (and its ecosystem) is a language that’s evolving really fast. New libraries and frameworks appear at a frantic pace, offering new architectures and functionalities. In past articles we’ve seen what TypeScript has in store for us as well as … Read More

How To Create A React Project

How to create a React project with TypeScript

In my last article we saw how can we begin to migrate a JavaScript project to TypeScript, in a incremental manner, without making great efforts or breaking changes. Now, I would like to talk about using TypeScript in a new … Read More

Migrate From JavaScript To TypeScript

A simple way to migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript

If you’ve been working in the software development industry (specially Frontend) in the past couple of years, it’s most likely you worked, or still do, in a project in JavaScript. And by now, you’re more than tired from it. Therefore, … Read More

Old Flux, New Flux

Old Flux, New Flux

If you are not new to Frontend development, you have heard about evolution in Flux, Redux and React, and most likely, have tried it or directly used it in a project. It comes with no surprise since the popularity of … Read More

Simulate Server Responses With NodeJS

Simulate server responses with NodeJS

A few days ago while I was working on the frontend of a new project, I found myself in a situation where I needed to simulate different responses from the backend to check some functionalities and behaviour in different browsers. … Read More

domain driven design

Domain Driven Design Distilled by Vaughn Vernon

We are big fans of DDD and we were lucky enough to assist an event held by Magento, with Vaughn Vernon as a key speaker, presenting his latest book: “Domain Driven Design Distilled”. I bet you can imagine how exciting … Read More

Keep Calm & Hide Your Code

Keep calm & hide your code: code encapsulation.

In this article I’d like to open your eyes on code encapsulation and hopefully you will enjoy the 5 tricks I will give you when it comes to hiding your code. A few years ago, when I was still a college student … Read More

App Development Externalization For Dexma

Case study: App development externalization for Dexma

ABOUT DEXMA Present with +200 partners in 32 countries, Dexma is a software provider for energy management. It implies that they offer a set of integrated software and hardware tools that enable their clients to have a full visibility of … Read More

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