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The Role Of A Software Architect

The role of a software architect

Although there is no an exact and shared definition of what is the service of software architecture, I like to compare it with an architecture of buildings. In the sense that an architect normally has a big picture vision, defining … Read More

DDD Europe Conference

Notes on DDD Europe conference I – 2018 edition

Just like last year, this February I have had the opportunity to attend a very important event in the world of Domain Driven Design – DDD Europe conference 2018, which took place in the city of Amsterdam. I have to say … Read More


Many small Monoliths

In this article, I will talk about Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture. Disclaimer: for clarity, this article assumes that: The definition of microservices in this context entails a physical separation between services A microservice architecture is considered “properly” implemented, ie: in … Read More

“Almost-Infinite” Scalability

“Almost-Infinite” scalability

The concept of a heavily segregated logical design in order to achieve “Almost-Infinite” scalability systems is stated in the illuminating paper “Life beyond Distributed Transactions: an Apostate’s Opinion” (Pat Helland) as well as in “Implementing Domain Driven Design” by Vaughn Vernon’s. … Read More

Javascript Callback Hell

Javascript Callback Hell, how to solve it?

If you use node.js or some other similar technology, based upon some react-to-events paradigm, you are almost certainly paying a TAX over your developments, the so-called Callback Hell. Today we will se how to solve Javascript Callback Hell.  Specifically, it’s … Read More

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