Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Javascript (and its ecosystem) is a language that’s evolving really fast. New libraries and frameworks appear at a frantic pace, offering new architectures and functionalities. In past articles we’ve seen what TypeScript has in store for us as well as … Read More

Migrate From JavaScript To TypeScript

Migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript

If you’ve been working in the software development industry (specially Frontend) in the past couple of years, it’s most likely you worked, or still do, in a project in JavaScript. And by now, you’re more than tired from it. Therefore, … Read More

Functional Lenses

Functional Lenses in JavaScript

One of the most interesting talks among the ones I attended in was Functional Lenses in JavaScript by FlavioCorpa. He talked about Functional Lenses in a practical way, what’s more, he started with his own small implementation (not for … Read More

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks you should know

JavaScript Frameworks are popular among developers for such benefits like efficiency, safety, and cost. The variety of frameworks for each development platform is huge. It’s impossible to describe all of them and there is no need for it. Let’s narrow … Read More

Javascript Callback Hell

Javascript Callback Hell, how to solve it?

If you use node.js or some other similar technology, based upon some react-to-events paradigm, you are almost certainly paying a TAX over your developments, the so-called Callback Hell. Today we will se how to solve Javascript Callback Hell.  Specifically, it’s … Read More

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