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Apache Camel 101

Apache Camel is an integration framework, which basically means that it is a set of tools that will help you connect one system to another. A basic example could be listening to an AWS SQS queue and saving a file … Read More

Filtering Data With React-Query Library

Filtering data with react-query library

In this article about react-query library we are going to talk about one of those libraries that have grown a lot over the last year, and rightly so. In the React universe, the react-redux stack is well known, it has … Read More


GitTip: Skip WorkTree

GitTip: Skip WorkTree. This tip is simple and powerful in equal parts, what we want to achieve is to modify a local file and that git could not identify it as having been modified despite being already tracked.   GitTip: Skip … Read More

Functional Lenses

Functional Lenses in JavaScript

One of the most interesting talks among the ones I attended in was Functional Lenses in JavaScript by FlavioCorpa. He talked about Functional Lenses in a practical way, what’s more, he started with his own small implementation (not for … Read More

primitive obsession

TDD: primitive obsession ( part 3 )

Last month we talked about TDD example in software development ( part 1 ) and TDD first cycle ( part 2) . In this new TDD and primitive obsession article, we will focus on removing duplication and reinforcing the constructors … Read More

TDD first cycle

TDD First Cycle ( part 2)

Let’s continue with our series of TDD articles, in the first part we looked at the theory behind the TDD and Unit  Testing. In this second part, TDD First Cycle, we begin to develop our application, an application of notes … Read More

TDD Example In Software Development

TDD example in software development (Part I)

After a while thinking about what type of TDD article to write about and, since there are many of them and very good theoretical ones (written by influencers in the world of software development), I have chosen to develop a … Read More

HTTPS For Dummies

HTTPS for dummies: symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption & SSL certificate

In HTTPS for Dummies article, we will see what HTTPS is and why that final S is so important. Let’s start with the basics. HTTP is a communication protocol and HTTPS is HTTP with a security layer that adds confidentiality … Read More

Charles Proxy In Android Emulator

Charles Proxy in Android emulator

In this article, we will discuss about how to capture the traffic of our Android application using a tool called Charles Proxy. I recommend you continue reading, you will love it! At least we love here at Apiumhub.   Developing … Read More

Callback Hell NodeJs

Callback Hell NodeJs: a solution with Fiber

Apiumhub developers and any developer that has worked with Node.js must has encountered a problem when dealing with asynchronous APIs (I/O) that JavaScript offers; the famous JavaScript Callback. It’s the way JavaScript incorporates responding to events. In this article I … Read More

A Guide To Tmux

A guide to Tmux that will increase your productivity

In this article, we will focus on something that us developers use on a daily basis and to which we often don’t give it much importance (a common error from our part). I am talking about terminals, more specifically, a … Read More

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Single responsibility principle in object oriented design

In object-oriented programming, there are five basic principles (OOP principles, SOLID) that, properly applied, make the difference between a good and a bad design. The difference between an application that is easy to maintain and one that is not. The … Read More