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JavaScript Frameworks are popular among developers for such benefits like efficiency, safety, and cost. The variety of frameworks for each development platform is huge. It’s impossible to describe all of them and there is no need for it. Let’s narrow down our choice. As almost every company tends to have a website or at least a landing page, it would be good to review the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

Top 9 JavaScript frameworks list

Angular.js 2 

Generally, Angular.js it is one of the most beloved and used JavaScript frameworks for building single page applications. It is available as an open source solution and is supported by Google. The latter is a convincing argument in favor of Angular to become a front-end solution for a web app. Angular JS is highly preferred for hybrid mobile application development. Featured with components like overlays, sidebars, switches and absolute positioned navigation bars, this framework incorporates dynamic functionality to the application.


Backbone is amongst some of the most popular web development frameworks for JavaScript developers, and partly for two reasons — it’s easy to understand usability modules, as well as the very straightforward learning curve. Backbone creates single-page applications using the most traditional web development libraries. It is built with the idea in mind that all server-side functions should flow through an API, minimizing the amount of code that needs to be composed in order to achieve the same complex functionality of more sophisticated web frameworks.

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React.js was created by the team of Facebook developers and came out in 2013. Being pretty new in comparison with other JavaScript frameworks it confidently wins its niche. If you like the user interface of Facebook and Instagram then you might like React.js too. This very framework is behind the front-end scenes of the two social giants. There are other companies that benefit from using it: Atlassian, BBC, Coursera, Dropbox, Flipboard, Netflix, Paypal, WhatsApp.


Introduced in 2011 this open-source JavaScript framework was declared as the best JavaScript framework for web application development in 2015. Its closest competitors are Angular and React. Ember could be a good solution for a startup or for a business looking to build complex web apps. It has a huge online community, regular updates and wide application of JavaScript that is meant to offer an engaging user experience. The framework is widely accepted for creating feature-rich web applications. The most common websites that have been designed using the framework are LinkedIn, Kickstarter, Blue Apron, and many others.


Being a self-proclaimed web development framework, Aurelia makes the process of site development a creative process. Designed with the latest JS standard, ES6, Aurelia has the ability to function on all modern browsers. Designed on a module-like framework, Aurelia has various small and huge libraries that can be used either in combination or individually, depending upon the kind of application being designed.


With a variety of features for backend, frontend development and database management, Meteor rank as the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Since its inception in the year 2012, this framework has grown in terms of performance, UI design and so on. MeteorJS covers all the phases of software development cycle and takes care of such glooming processes as linking, files concatenation and others. It is of current usage in real-time application development for business companies like Mazda, IKEA, Honeywell and many others.

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Introduced back in 2016, Vue has a learning curve that is easier. The framework delivers two-way data binding, server-side rendering, Vue-CLI and optional JSX support. Vue.js is one the fastest emerging frameworks and is a preferable choice for quick cross-platform solutions. It gains more traction every month, and there are obvious reasons for that comprehensively explained in a Vue.js development guide.


Polymer is another JavaScript framework from Google. With its material web design and modern outlook, Polymer is one stupefying JavaScript framework that comes with the ability to create and reuse web components. It is featured with Polymer App Toolbox that allows you to create and deliver cutting-edge progressive web applications. The framework is fully interoperable, built for speed and offers support on all modern day browsers.


Socket’s gained a lots of momentum in the real-time developer community. With Socket you can enjoy a fully functional real-time communication between the client and the server. Socket is divided into two different parts — the first part is a client-library that runs from the browser, whereas the server-library is built on top of Node.js. Both libraries share a very similar API, and Socket is also event driven; much like Node.js is. With Socket you can implement real-time streaming of binary, instant messaging platforms, interactive document collaboration, real-time stats for your apps and projects (analytics), and so much more.

Remember that the process of choosing a framework depends not only on its functionality but also how it can be used within your own project.

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