DASA DevOps Awards 2022: Nominations Open

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The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) recognizes and honors the best DevOps efforts through the inaugural DASA DevOps Awards on Wednesday, 20 April 2022. With 11 Awards Categories  focused on transformation, leadership, business value, and community, there is space for all the individuals, teams, organizations, and service providers to celebrate their DevOps successes.

The participation will bring you substantial benefits, such as global industry recognition, valuable feedback, expanded network, motivation, and opportunity to learn.

Applications should be submitted before the 1st of February. 

Categories DASA DevOps Awards 

DevOps Transformation Awards 

  1. DevOps Transformation Team Award
  2. DevOps Talent Transformation Award
  3. DevOps Cultural Transformation Award

Exemplary Leadership Awards 

  1. Inspirational DevOps Leadership Team Award
  2. Inspiring DevOps Leader Award
  3. Outstanding DevOps Coach Award 

Business Impact Awards 

  1. DevOps Business Value Award
  2. DevOps Learning Solution Excellence Award
  3. Partnership for DevOps Project Award

DevOps Community Member Awards 

  1. DevOps Service Provider Award
  2. DevOps Community Member Award


The steps to enter the competition are easy:

1. Select a category suitable for your achievements or nominate an organization
Select a category that your company has outstanding results in, or propose an organization that might be a good candidate for the category.

2. Complete and submit your application
To enter the competition, submit the online application. A predetermined set of questions should be answered for each category.

3. Attend the DASA Awards Summit
On 20th of April, we will announce the winners of the category through a formal online event. Registration will open shortly.

  From OOP to FP by Joaquin Azcarate - backend developer at Apiumhub in Software Crafters Barcelona

Entries will be reviewed by an international panel of 30+ judges, representatives of the Agile & DevOps global community. 

Important Dates

1 February  2022: Deadline for submitting your application

1 March 2022: Finalist announcement

20 April 2022: DASA DevOps Awards Summit

We are looking forward to honoring and celebrating DevOps successes together!

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