9 Tech Conferences Not to Be Missed in October

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October is around the corner, and it’s a prime time for tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators to come together and explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and ideas. 

In this article, we´ll be your guide to the must-attend tech conferences set to unfold in October. From software architecture to artificial intelligence and machine learning, ​​these conferences offer unparalleled insights, networking opportunities, and a glimpse into the future of technology. Mark your calendar and get ready for an exciting month of tech conferences!

Tech Conferences

Compass Tech Summit – October 5-6

Compass Tech Summit is a remarkable 5-in-1 tech conference, encompassing topics such as engineering leadership, AI, product management, UX, and data engineering that will take place on October 5-6 at the Hungarian Railway Museum in Budapest, Hungary. 

CraftHub, the event organizer, has brought together five of its notable conferences—Stretch Engineering Leadership Conference, Reinforce AI Conference, Amuse UX/UI Conference, Crunch Data Conference, and Impact Product Management Conference—to establish the Compass Tech Summit. This event is set to be one of the largest technology gatherings in Central Europe for the upcoming autumn season.

For more information, visit the event site here.

Global Software Architecture Summit – October 9–11

If you are into software architecture, the Global Software Architecture Summit, organized by Apiumhub, is a great opportunity for you. This conference aims to attract and connect software architecture experts from all over the world, as well as all those interested in building working software, to improve their skills, share knowledge, and connect.

This year, this tech conference will take place on October 9–11 in sunny Barcelona. GSAS will count on renowned speakers who are experts in the industry, such as March Richards, Neal Ford, Jacqui Read, Sonya Natanzon, Eoin Woods, Sandro Mancuso, Nick Tune, and many more. Last year, the event was a success, over 450 participants attended from all over the world to learn best practices, get to know speakers and network with other professionals.

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Interested in attending? Get your ticket here. You can use our community code apiumhub-community to obtain a 30% discount.

React Brussels – October 13

React Brussels, an event organized by our friends from the Belgian JavaScript community, is one of the tech events that will also take place in October. This tech conference is all about the React ecosystem, the hottest frameworks, and the trendiest tech tools. It’s a great opportunity for developers, team leads, and consultants willing to get inspired to learn from industry leaders, improve their skills, and network with other professionals in the industry.

React Brussels will embody expert talks about the React ecosystem but also a variety of activities to let you get the most out of it including workshops, discussions, and after-parties.

Want to attend this tech conference? We have a 30% discount code for our community members. Click here to purchase your ticket and use code 30_apiumhub at checkout.

Platform Summit – October 16–18

The Platform Summit, Nordic APIs’ flagship API conference, gathers the brightest minds in the API industry. It’s an opportunity to learn from API thought leaders and enthusiasts, meet industry colleagues, and exchange ideas. The event takes place on October 16–18 at the Clarion Hotel Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Platform Summit will bring together influential figures from the global API economy, offering a rich reservoir of expertise concerning API design norms and optimal methods for microservices. This year’s highlights encompass aspects such as enhancing the developer experience, the latest API security patterns, the shift from REST to GraphQL, business models centered around APIs and pertinent open-source resources.

For more information about this event, check out their site here. 

.NET Developer Days – October 23–26

.NET Developer Days is the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to application development on the .NET platform. it caters to architects, developers, testers, and project managers who employ .NET in their professional roles, as well as those striving to enhance their proficiency in this domain. Notably, the conference material is entirely in English, facilitating the participation of a global audience.

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This tech conference features 30 sessions over two days and several all-day training sessions. The conference will be held in hybrid mode. For those who registered for in-person participation at the venue and for online participation remotely. Please note that pre-cons and post-cons will be held only in person.

Interested in attending this tech conference focused on .NET? Visit their website here to get your ticket. You can also use our code apiumhub23 at checkout to obtain a 20% discount on a two-day conference pass.

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Data2030 Summit 2023 – October 24–25

The 7th edition of the Data2030 Summit will also be held in Stockholm. The Data 2030 Summit tech conference serves as a yearly roundtable gathering, uniting the Data Management community within a single forum. The event aims to deliberate on methods to expedite Data Innovation and the implementation of AI throughout enterprises. 

Over the span of the last seven years, the Data 2030 Summit has functioned as an exceptional avenue for the exchange of insights and networking opportunities among data experts in the Nordic region. Since 2020, the event has expanded its reach to include data practitioners in the APAC, ANZ, and MEA regions, offering distinct editions tailored to these locales. 

The event will feature interactive roundtable discussions, three stages, interactive panels, networking opportunities, and post-event hands-on workshops. If you are interested in being part of the Data2030 Summit, we suggest that you take a look at their site here for more information.

API World 2023 – October 24-26

Join thousands of global technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives at the world’s largest and longest-running API & microservices event, API World. This conference is organized by our friends from DevNetwork. API World puts the API Product lifecycle center stage. The conference covers topics across the industry, including API Design/Architecture, API Strategy/Enterprise Modernization, API Scalability/Management, Service Mesh, Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices Design/Architecture, API Testing/Usability, API Security, IoT APIs, Marketing APIs, APIs and IaaS, Data and Machine Learning, Blockchain APIs, OpenAPI, Swagger, GraphQL, REST, and many more.

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Interested in attending? DevNetwork has given us 50 FREE open passes. Register here to get yours.

Nordic Data Science & Machine Learning Summit – October 25-26

The Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit is an annual event bringing together the Data Science and Machine Learning communities in the Nordic region. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and deliberation on methods to fully leverage the capabilities of Advanced Analytics and AI, as well as explore the development and the maturity of Data Science and AI as a function. NDSML features international speakers, interactive panel discussions, and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area.

This tech conference is a great opportunity for all professionals and organizations working with the utilization of Data Science, Machine, and Deep Learning to innovate and improve their businesses. There will be four different stages: Plenum | Opening and Closing Stage, Strategy + Applied, Analytics Stage, Machine Learning & MLOps Stage, and Infrastructure + Data Engineering Stage.

Learn more about the speakers and check out their schedule by visiting their site here. 

reactjs day – October 27

Last but not least, we have reactjs day, a conference organized by our friends from Grusp. This conference takes place on October 27th in beautiful Verona. Although the conference is in Italy, all the sessions will be in English. The event’s goal is to allow all React developers to meet and share experiences while having fun and networking in an enjoyable context.

Speakers confirmed include Gonzalo Beviglia, Staff Software Engineer at Box, Aashima Ahuja, Frontend Engineer at Meta, and Tejas Kumar, Developer Chief Advocate. Interested in attending? We have a special discount for our community. Use code community_APIUMHUB at checkout to get a 10% discount.

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