Top Typescript advantages

As you may have noticed, TypeScript is reaching new heights of popularity. In Apiumhub we use it a lot as well and think that it is absolutely worth trying! Our team members say that “once you try it, you just … Read More

How To Create A React Project

How to create a React project with TypeScript

In my last article we saw how can we begin to migrate a JavaScript project to TypeScript, in a incremental manner, without making great efforts or breaking changes. Now, I would like to talk about using TypeScript in a new … Read More

Migrate From JavaScript To TypeScript

Migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript

If you’ve been working in the software development industry (specially Frontend) in the past couple of years, it’s most likely you worked, or still do, in a project in JavaScript. And by now, you’re more than tired from it. Therefore, … Read More

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