React 19

React 19: Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features

React 19 Beta is finally here, after a two-year hiatus. The React team has published an article about the latest version. Among the standout features is the introduction of a new compiler, aimed at performance optimization and simplifying developers’ workflows. … Read More

HTMX vs React: Choosing the Right Frontend Approach for Your Project

HTMX vs React: Choosing the Right Frontend Approach for Your Project

Introduction In the evolving landscape of frontend development, technologies like HTMX are redefining the way developers approach building modern web applications. HTMX, ranked second in the prestigious 2023 JavaScript Rising Stars “Front-end Frameworks” category,  just behind the ubiquitous React, and … Read More

Why you should consider using react router v6: an overview of changes

Why You Should Consider Using React Router v6

React Router is a widely used routing library for React applications due to its API, which simplifies integration. The latest version of React-router (v6) was released in November 2021 and marked a significant API change. Version 5 of React-router was … Read More

Benefits of React 18: a comprehensive guide

Benefits of React v18: A Comprehensive Guide

React v18 has finally been released after being talked about since 2021. React v18 brings exciting new features to improve performance and the user experience. The main emphasis of this release was the introduction of concurrent mode, new hooks, and … Read More

Software Development Frameworks: A Guide to 2023

Software Development Frameworks: A Guide to 2023

The software development process takes an enormous amount of time and effort, which is variable, of course, based on its complexity, size, and other factors. This is something we know very well at Apiumhub, where we tackle projects of all … Read More

React Global Online Summit

Lessons Learned From The React Global Online Summit 22 – Senior Track

On November 8th and 9th, 2022, I attended the React Global Online Summit, an event organized by the Geekle team. I already wrote an article about the React Global Online Summit junior track – but this time I would like … Read More

Apiumhub BLOG 14

Migrating React JS project to Next JS

In this article, we assume that you know the basics of Next.js.To understand what Next JS is, the benefits of SSR (Server Side Rendering), and a comparison with Gatsby and Express, you can read this article Next.js. Why migrate to … Read More

reactform en

Formik vs React Hook Form

Forms are the most common interacting tool that we can encounter in many applications and also the challenging part to collect and preserve the data. There are multiple libraries that we can use such as React Final Form, Formik, Redux … Read More

react query en

Data fetching with React-Query

Fetching data from the server and maintaining it is a very crucial issue in the frontend development. In this article we will focus on the React.js library applications and how we maintain the server state with the library called React-Query. … Read More

Filtering Data With React-Query Library

Filtering data with react-query library

In this article about react-query library we are going to talk about one of those libraries that have grown a lot over the last year, and rightly so. In the React universe, the react-redux stack is well known, it has … Read More

Flutter Vs. React Native

Flutter vs. React Native: The Popular Developers’ Dilemma

Android and iOS app developers make hundreds, if not thousands of important decisions throughout a standard career lifetime and client meetings. With the expansion of the new web and mobile development tools, frameworks, and the pace with which new software … Read More

React Suspense & Concurrent Mode

React Suspense & Concurrent Mode: Async Rendering

Last 12 of June, some of Apiumhub’s frontend developers had the chance to attend React Next 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was an incredible experience, with lots of interesting talks that encouraged us to keep investigating different concepts. There … Read More

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