Software Development Frameworks: A Guide to 2023

Software Development Frameworks: A Guide to 2023

The software development process takes an enormous amount of time and effort, which is variable, of course, based on its complexity, size, and other factors. This is something we know very well at Apiumhub, where we tackle projects of all … Read More

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Learning Angular as a React Developer

As a front-end developer you always get asked whether you specialize in React or Angular. These two mainstream technologies have their strengths and weaknesses, and each is more appropriate depending on the project, but in this article we will not … Read More

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Documenting Angular components: Storybook

As developers, in our daily work we like to find good documentation of the libraries and technologies we use. It is, therefore, our responsibility to leave our work well documented. Those who come after us to use it and/or continue … Read More

Customized Change Detection

Customized change detection in Angular

Today, I would like to talk about customized change detection in Angular. As developers, we strive to build applications that are snappy, interactive and alive. And reactive applications feel that way. We can think of an Angular application as a … Read More

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