What’s New in Next.js 14 and How Does It Achieve to Be So Fast?

What’s New in Next.js 14 and How Does It Achieve to Be So Fast?

Next.js, an open-source Javascript framework was created specifically for leveraging React to create user-friendly web applications and static websites. It was developed by Vercel and offers an integrated environment that makes server-side rendering simpler. Next.js was released on October 26, … Read More

Why use the Framework NestJS

Why use the NestJS framework?

As a front-end developer, I would like to say that the NestJs framework was the best choice to start touching the backend part of the applications. I was always asking my tutor in Apiumhub about design patterns, clean architecture, and … Read More

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Remix vs Next.js which one should you use?

Nowadays we have many different framework options when we want to create a new web project based on React. As a developer, you can find yourself struggling to know which one should you choose or which one would best suit … Read More

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Migrating React JS project to Next JS

In this article, we assume that you know the basics of Next.js.To understand what Next JS is, the benefits of SSR (Server Side Rendering), and a comparison with Gatsby and Express, you can read this article Next.js. Why migrate to … Read More

Next JS Framework: Benefits and Curiosities

This article is based on the Next.js documentation. What is Next JS? Framework extensively used by react, used by TikTok, Twitch mobile, Nike, IGN, PlayStation, Marvel, among many others. It offers all the functionality we need to deploy our application … Read More

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