Top Typescript advantages

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As you may have noticed, TypeScript is reaching new heights of popularity. In Apiumhub we use it a lot as well and think that it is absolutely worth trying! Our team members say that “once you try it, you just stay with it”. And in this article, I will try to mention top Typescript advantages that make people consider using it.

Typescript advantages

  • Code scalability with “Interface oriented development”
  • TypeScript helps you dealing with growing teams
  • Tooling and Community, for example, Microsoft made an awesome community effort work.
  • ES-next compliance
  • Types have a proven ability to enhance code quality and understandability. Large teams (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) have continually arrived at this conclusion.
  • Types increase your agility when doing refactoring. It’s better for the compiler to catch errors than to have things fail at runtime.
  • Types are one of the best forms of documentation you can have. The function signature is a theorem and the function body is the proof.
  • TypeScript give you a taste of future JavaScript, with typing.
  • Dependency injection opens up a lot of cool opportunities for testing, and controller based APIs.
  • Combined with auto-injection libraries, it makes the code-base extremely maintainable and predictable. And it’s typed, so if you ever decide to swap out your logger service, you can depend on types and interfaces to make it a really simple change. Your code simply won’t compile if it receives something it’s not expecting.
  • Testability. With Dependency Injection, testing becomes easy. You can mock test services with the same interfaces as the real ones. Your code won’t know the difference, and you can perform a full suite of scenarios to get full coverage.
  • Helps you implementing SOLID design patterns into a language that doesn’t really support it.
    Supports innovation and change, with safety measures to ensure that it doesn’t go completely in the wrong direction.
  • Types make the code more readable. It helps the developer remember faster what each piece of code is supposed to do. Hence, the developer can add and change the current code faster.
  • The ability to compile down to a version of JavaScript that runs on all browsers
  • One of the biggest advantages of TypeScript is its code completion and IntelliSense. Intellisense provides active hints as a code is added.
  • Clean code. Static typing is a feature that detects bugs as developers write the scripts. This allows developers to write more robust code and maintain it, resulting in better, cleaner code.
  • You can very easily write pure object-oriented code in Typescript with little knowledge
  • Refactoring with TypeScript tools is easier and faster.
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TypeScript is becoming a critical option for organizations that want to develop large coding projects. The structure of the object-oriented programming language keeps the code clean, scalable, consistent, and simple to debug.

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