Top Eco-Friendly Apps to turn positive intentions into positive actions

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We are now living in a pivotal point in our history. Humankind is actively trying to find new answers to forging the right balance between the needs of nature and modern living. Right now a combination of knowledge and individual action is required to increase recycling and composting, reduce landfill waste, lower pollution, improve water conservation, lower the ecological footprint of conspicuous consumption and action which contribute to a positive environmental impact. Living sustainably is something that needs to be undertaken by the young and old alike. Living green is truly a satisfying experience, especially once you’ve mastered this way of life by consistently choosing small actions that make a big impact. 

We try to accept iOS and Android development projects that have a positive impact on the social, economic or environmental part of our lives. 

And when we analyze the market, we get inspired by absolutely gorgeous projects! 

We have found an array of eco-friendly apps that help you pay more attention to the role that your everyday actions play in big issues like climate change. We have selected apps in this post that can help you understand and protect the environment, and guide you toward the small steps you can take each day to take more eco-friendly action and become more aware of your impact on the earth. Read on for our picks of top eco-friendly apps that will help you live sustainably and create a better environment.


Top Eco-Friendly Apps to turn positive intentions into positive actions


  1. Olio

On OLIO, you’ll find millions of people giving away food & other household items to their neighbours, all for free. This app is featured by the BBC, Guardian, Wired, Time Out, Gizmodo, and The Sunday Times. Adding things to OLIO is easy. Simply snap a photo of your item, add a brief description and provide pick-up details. A lovely neighbour will be delighted to take it off your hands. Just browse what is available near you, request anything that takes your fancy and message to arrange a pick-up. It’s as easy as that. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local shops, bread from your baker or the groceries left in your fridge before you go on holiday. Download Olio to connect with your neighbours so that surplus food and other household items can be shared, not thrown away. Fight waste. Help your neighbours. Save our planet. Feel amazing!

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iOS and Android


  1. Too Good To Go

Using Too Good To Go app will help you find all the places nearby that have food on offer and when you can pick it up. Once you find a place you like you buy a Magic Bag. Magic Bags are full of food that these places deem as “waste” but it’s actually perfectly edible food that stores and restaurants have to throw out at the end of the day. Examples include bakeries that have to bake fresh everyday or restaurants that didn’t sell all the food they had prepared. The catch is that you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until you pick it up.

Android and iOS


  1. reGAIN 

Regain wants you to recycle your old and used clothes, and they give you money off coupons to say thanks. It’s the modern day equivalent of the charity shop. To get your mitts on the discounts you need a minimum of ten items to donate. Package up the items and print off a free shipping label. Then leave the package at a local drop off point. reGAIN sort through the clothes and recycle what they can. If there is no hope for an item then it is sent to a waste-to-energy plant to produce electricity, some of which will go to generate new clothes – it’s the circular economy in action.

Android and iOS 


  1. NatureHub

NatureHub is a community-driven platform that aims to help people live healthier and more sustainable lives by connecting them with green, socially responsible, local businesses around them. You can discover all sorts of ethical and sustainable small businesses ranging from zero-waste stores to yoga studios. NatureHub also has a lively forum so people can find the help they need to transition to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and talk to a diverse community of conscious consumers. You can find healthy and diet-friendly recipes and sustainable DIYs and add your own tutorials, too. 

Android and iOS


  1. PaperKarma 

With the PaperKarma app, you can reduce the amount of paper junk mail coming to your house. Just use the app to take a photo of the mail you no longer wish to receive, like catalogs, charity donation requests, credit card offers or mail from a previous resident. Select the name or address to remove it from the company’s mailing list, and tap unsubscribe. 

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Android and iOS


  1. JouleBug

With JouleBug, you can “make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play”. It’s a good app for anyone who wants to start forming green habits and needs a little push. The app gives you green “actions” related to waste, energy, transport and water. Remembered to bring a reusable bag? That’s 10 points. Switched off the lights? Five points. You’re given useful tips and videos to encourage you and for every action, you’re awarded points on the impact it has on the environment and your wallet.

Android and iOS 


  1. FarmDrop 

Farmdrop is a “new, ethical online supermarket”, connecting customers with local farmers. Offering everything from organic fruit and veg to free-from produce and eco-friendly household items. All you do is shop on the app, food is then freshly picked by the farmer and leaves the hub the same day. They deliver directly to your table (via electric vans) and they’ll even take away any packaging to be reused! FarmDrop works hard for a sustainable food system. 

Android and iOS 


  1. Good On You 

Get “trusted ethical ratings in the palm of your hand” and make shopping better for the planet. The app rates over 2,200 brands, from popular high street stores like M&S, Zara and Oasis to smaller eco-brands like GRAMMAR, People Tree and We’ar. They score brands by their impact on “people, animals and the planet”. Labelling them as “we avoid”, “not good enough”, “it’s a start” and ”great”. If a brand has a “we avoid” rating, they’ll suggest similar brands with better ethical standards. The app also includes advice, guides, and articles on ethical and sustainable fashion.

Android and iOS 


  1. Giki Badges

One of the best eco-friendly apps available as you can scan thousands of UK products to see how “good” they are. Whether you want to check the ingredients for palm oil or toxic chemicals, or ensure the product you buy isn’t detrimental to animal welfare or the climate, this is an easy way to ensure your shopping basket is more ethical.

Android and iOS


  1. Litterati

Something everyone should start doing a lot more is to go out litter picking. Take a photo of some litter and upload it, tag litterati, dispose of it properly and then you can invite others to join you and use “LitterData” to inspire companies, organisations and governments to change.


Android and iOS


  1. Love Clean Streets 

Report graffiti, fly-tipping, potholes, abandoned cars, dog mess, and more in the UK. Supported by Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Keep Wales Tidy this is a great way to report an environmental issue and for the report to be sent to the right people.

Android and iOS 


  1. Gro Memo

Eco-consciousness starts with the awareness that many of our simple actions have much larger consequences. Pollution, for example, has a significant negative effect on other humans and entire ecosystems. Grow Memo is a simple matching game that introduces this concept to younger children. Pictures of cartoon animals are shown in polluted environments and players need to match each image to pictures of where the animal is shown in cleaner environments. As they do this, the entire surroundings become cleaner enforcing the idea that a cleaner environment is better for all. 

Android and iOS 


Although not everyone talks about making green lifestyle choices throughout their day, most people ultimately do want to live in a cleaner, greener world. It’s hard to imagine anyone who might argue with this. And while there are tons of things that we know we should be doing, the act of actually completing them may not seem as alluring when it comes down to it. Eco-friendly apps like the ones listed here are a great way to turn positive intentions into positive actions. They have the potential to truly change our attitudes, experiences and how we feel about engaging in eco-friendly lifestyle choices. 

If you know any other eco-friendly apps that deserve to be on this list, feel free to share them on the comments section below. 


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