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How to change audio encoding

Today I found myself in a somewhat annoying situation. After obtaining in a totally legal and lawful way a large collection of mp4 videos, I loaded them on my external hard drive, plugged the hard drive into my TV, hit … Read More

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Time management techniques for productivity

It happens to many of us…. Sometimes we have so many tasks to do that we jump from one to another and the result tends to be the same: we leave them all incomplete and miss deadlines. Learning time management … Read More

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Non-tech books for developers

As programmers, we are constantly reading blogs or books about the latest trending topics, the new technologies… all about our work but we may forget about us, how to treat us better. In my previous post, we already talked about … Read More

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Learning Angular as a React Developer

As a front-end developer you always get asked whether you specialize in React or Angular. These two mainstream technologies have their strengths and weaknesses, and each is more appropriate depending on the project, but in this article we will not … Read More

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Code Snippets

Code Snippets serves as a tool for developers to use samples as documentation, and we almost always browse code before reading a topic fully. Because of its special regard, we have made some examples of effective code samples and snippets … Read More

Slack Channels For Software Developers

Top 14 Slack Channels for Software Developers

Slack channels have become a new place to discuss software development topics; actually, developers are starting to participate more on slack channels rather than on forums. This tool links groups of people passionate about certain niche topics and allow them … Read More

Automation Testing Tools

Automation Testing Tools

To satisfy the ever-growing expectations of stakeholders, product teams have to spend a significant amount of time and effort on quality assurance, diverting their focus away from developing solutions and putting a bigger time constraint on their projects. Automation testing … Read More

Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure as Code: benefits & tools

Environment drift becomes an expensive business waste. Bugs and failures happen because teams build against a staging or development environment and then find upon deployment that the production environment is out of sync, which leads to a time-consuming investigation of … Read More

Terraform Benefits

Terraform benefits & use cases

Today, I would like to discuss a DevOps tool: Terraform, which we use a lot in Apiumhub.   As we all know, the target of the DevOps movement is to make code always in a deployable and maintainable state. Instead of … Read More

Top 8 Online Meeting Apps

Even though we are physically isolated during the coronavirus outbreak, we are not socially isolated thanks to technology. The demand for video meeting and conferencing tools has never been greater. Everywhere we look, global gatherings has been shut down. First … Read More

Burnout At Work

Burnout at work: what to do about it

If you feel like your brain is constantly on fire with thoughts about work and you’re beginning to suspect there’s a better way to live, then I guess this article is for you! It’s normal to feel stressed at work … Read More

Git Bisect

Git Bisect

Git offers a huge array of really useful tools for software development that are great to explore. Today I’ll talk about one of these: Git Bisect, very useful when we want to search for something specific within our code. What … Read More

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