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codesnippets en

Code Snippets

Code Snippets serves as a tool for developers to use samples as documentation, and we almost always browse code before reading a topic fully. Because of its special regard, we have made some examples of effective code samples and snippets … Read More

Discovering functionalities in Rust

Analyzing functionalities in Rust

Being a developer it is easy to jump on the hype train and try to learn or even use in pet projects the latest libraries, frameworks and why not programming languages. In a sector where everything evolves at a very high … Read More

Feature Flag pattern

Feature Flag pattern in java

In this article, we will briefly introduce the feature flag pattern in java to allow uploading features to production that are not yet finalized. It is very common to see projects that use the Feature Branch mechanism in order to … Read More

Be More Functional In Java

Be more functional in java with vavr

With the release of java 8 a new paradigm was discovered in the development with java, but the question arises – is it enough? And what if we could have other functionalities of more purely functional languages in java? To … Read More

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