Top Eco-Friendly Apps

Top Eco-Friendly Apps to turn positive intentions into positive actions

We are now living in a pivotal point in our history. Humankind is actively trying to find new answers to forging the right balance between the needs of nature and modern living. Right now a combination of knowledge and individual … Read More

A Simple Implementation Of Remote Configuration For SwiftUI

A simple implementation of Remote Configuration for SwiftUI

First of all a quick definition of Remote Configuration: It is a way to customize the behaviour of a desired system based on certain parameters that are stored on a remote location. Many well known libraries will give you this … Read More

Pregnancy Apps

20 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS

If you are planning for a baby, then you definitely need a set of pregnancy apps that can guide you right from conception until delivery. These Pregnancy Apps help you track your progress and stay healthy through the gestation period. … Read More

Security Awareness iOS

Security awareness in an iOS environment

It is really common nowadays for development teams to hurry in order to meet deadlines. One of the first things put aside is the quality of the code in general, but one point that is among the most important ones, … Read More

Online Meeting Apps

Top 11 Food waste apps available on iOS and Android

We use and develop many mobile apps on a daily basis and why not create and use them to make the world a better place? Just to give you some statistics, One-third of the world’s food ends up in landfills, … Read More

iOS Continuous Integration

iOS continuous integration with Fastlane & Jenkins

One of the basic pillars of Apiumhub is our premise to the clients to always deliver working software with the highest possible quality levels. In order to do it, we work with Continuous Integration that allows us to have versions of … Read More

MVP Pattern

MVP pattern in iOS

The development of the mobile app has changed and evolved a lot in recent years. Thanks to the interest of the developers and the growth of the mobile platforms, every time it is getting more and more common that the … Read More

iOS Objective-C App

iOS Objective-C app: Cornerjob successfull case study

CornerJob is a startup dedicated to a very specific type of Job search named “Blue collar”. Basically, those jobs are mainly seasonal or with a high rotation rate. The main advantage of CornerJob has always been to be oriented towards … Read More

Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile app development trends of the year

This past year shaped up to be a phenomenal year for the app economy, and 2018 is set to be another gorgeous year. Mobile is more mainstream than ever, and businesses from all industries are relying on this channel to … Read More

Great Mobile Development Influencers

10 Great mobile development influencers

It’s quite important to stay up to date with latest news & discoveries in your industry, specially in the tech industry considering that everything evolves and changes so fast. A great and easy way to do so is to follow … Read More

Banco Falabella Wearable For IOS & Android

Banco Falabella wearable for iOS & Android

ABOUT BANCO FALABELLA Banco Falabella is a bank that has the objective of improving the quality of life of the people by having long term relationships with them, based on transparency, simplicity and convenience. Its headquarters are in Las Condes, … Read More

Code Testing For IOS Applications

Code testing for iOS applications

The first edition of the CMD+U Conference took place in the Vertex building of the UPC in Barcelona. The event brought together a large group of developers interested in learning and sharing different and techniques for code testing for iOS. The … Read More

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