6 Must-Have Apps for Travelers

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Regardless of whether you’re heading across the globe or to the next country over, digital apps have become one of the most useful tools for travel. According to a 2018 study on global digital traveling, almost two-thirds of all American travelers rely on apps from their smartphones to enhance things like flights and transportation, last-minute bookings and more.


Apps do so much for us. App developers get their ideas from everyday life, so it’s only natural for there to be so many apps that solve real-world problems and make our lives easier. They want to help your business take off. They want to help you plan healthy recipes with ingredients you already have. They want to make finding public transportation in a foreign city a little less hectic. And guess what? They’ve done their jobs well.

Are you looking for discounts on popular ticketed events? Maybe you’re searching for help in breezing through the airport. Searching for a last-minute hostel deal? These FREE apps are a must to download before your next trip kicks off.


1. PackPoint

Ever stared at your suitcase just wondering what on earth you need to pack to be well-prepared for your journey? It’s an issue we’ve all faced. Packing correctly can be a hassle, and PackPoint works to reverse that. 

By creating customized packing lists based on where you’re going, how long you’ll be there, and what you plan to do while there, PackPoint does that hard work for you. The app even checks local weather of where you’re going in case there are any unforeseen conditions brewing. 

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2. Citymapper

When you’re traveling, it’s usually not too hard to find your way around. Thanks to friendly locals and maps, you can get from point A to point B. But, are you necessarily taking the best route? Probably not. 

With Citymapper, you can find the most efficient route from where you are to where you’re going with step-by-step instructions and all the little details you’ll need. For example, you’ll see the next arrivals at public transit stations and receive real-time updates in case the route changes. You can also share locations and routes with other friends or family members to stay connected. 


3. Detour

Sometimes, you want to take the path less traveled. In order to feel like a real local, it’s necessary. 

Detour is an app that provides audio-guided walks in over 19 countries worldwide. These routes include immersive information and stories, and some even include augmented reality so that you can experience the history of a place in real time. 


4. All Trails

If your travels tend to involve backpacks, walking sticks, and beautiful panoramic views, you must download the All Trails app. 

All Trails provides over 50,000 trail maps created by a vast community of outdoor lovers and hikers. Each hike includes helpful information like skill level, type of trail, any safety warnings, weather updates, and great scenic spots. Reading reviews from hikers who have taken the path before can also be a great way to see if it’s a hike you’ll also enjoy.


5. Dayuse

Flight delays are some of the least fantastic things about traveling. Sometimes, even a long layover will get the better of you. With Dayuse, you’re in luck. 

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This app helps users find a hotel room to rent for just a few hours at heavily discounted rates. With over 4k hotels listed in more than 20 countries, there’s almost always a bed waiting for you somewhere.


6. Spokeo

Spokeo reverse phone lookup tool is a must-have app for travelers. With the help of it you could avoid falling into online renting scam – just check the owners’ mobile numbers or emails with the help of Spokeo and find out if they have any criminal records.

Also, with the help of Spokeo you could connect with friends from foreign countries – run a phone number search and find out their social media accounts, location, etc.


Travel Smarter

Travel is one of the finer things we get to experience in life as humans. With a little bit of help from our digital apps, we can enhance just about every aspect of the trips we take. We like to think of it as traveling smarter. After all, we’re all just looking for trips with less stress and more fun! 

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