Key Software Visualization Tools and Benefits

Key Software Visualization Tools and Benefits

Software visualization refers to the graphical representation of software systems, code, and related information to aid in understanding, analyzing, and communicating various aspects of software development. Software visualization tools are crucial for various reasons in modern software development. Firstly, these … Read More

Key Software Asset Management Tools and Benefits

Key Software Asset Management Tools and Benefits

Software asset management tools are specialized software applications designed to help organizations manage and optimize their software assets throughout their lifecycle. Software asset management tools involve the identification, tracking, and managing of software licenses and usage within an organization to … Read More

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How to change audio encoding

Today I found myself in a somewhat annoying situation. After obtaining in a totally legal and lawful way a large collection of mp4 videos, I loaded them on my external hard drive, plugged the hard drive into my TV, hit … Read More

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8 Video Editing Apps for Your Phone

Thanks to modern and highly portable technologies, many people feel like well-equipped filmmakers due to the video-shooting capabilities of phones. But, creating clips is about more than capturing content and immediately uploading it. Editing is a necessary aspect, too. Fortunately, … Read More

Web Performance Optimization Techniques

Web Performance Optimization Techniques

Websites are critically important for a business because they create a positive or negative impression of your products, goods, services…image of your brand. And as we know websites are visited even though the actual purchase can be made in store. … Read More

Code Editors For Software Developers

Code editors for software developers

Code editors – an essential part of every software developing. Every code editor has its own interface, functionality, pros & cons. That’s why I decided to reveal the most known code editors that will help you write your next projects’ code … Read More

Software Development tools

Top 17 tools used in software development

There are many options when it comes to which software or platform you decide to use for your daily tasks at work. So I decided to write a nice & robust list of common software development tools that we use … Read More

Unlock Your Creativity

Unlock your creativity: 20 tips & books

I think everyone faced a situation when you are not inspired to create, when you think that you are not creative and when you run out of ideas. If you want to unlock your creativity, then you have to understand … Read More

A Programming Cheat Sheet

A programming cheat sheet that will get you started

If you started working for a tech company or that you’re surrounded by programmers, developers or architects and that you have no idea of what they are talking about, continue reading. If you regularly hear words like software architecture, PHP, HTLM5, API, TDD and continuous … Read More

Keep Calm & Hide Your Code

Keep calm & hide your code: code encapsulation.

In this article I’d like to open your eyes on code encapsulation and hopefully you will enjoy the 5 tricks I will give you when it comes to hiding your code. A few years ago, when I was still a college student … Read More

How Can I Learn Coding Easily?

I ‘m a beginner, how can I learn coding easily?

Almost everything seems to be very difficult in the beginning and sometimes you even don’t know how to start, therefore our Apiumhub’s team wrote down some tips on what is the best way to learn coding: LEARN CODING 1- Define … Read More

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