Thanks to modern and highly portable technologies, many people feel like well-equipped filmmakers due to the video-shooting capabilities of phones. But, creating clips is about more than capturing content and immediately uploading it. Editing is a necessary aspect, too. Fortunately, numerous video editing apps are available on smartphones.


Top 7 video editing apps



This app lives up to its name by demonstrating that video editing isn’t necessarily time-consuming. You can accomplish the desired tweaks with just a few taps.
Add text, trim shots, choose fonts and more while making a masterpiece. A built-in sharing feature makes it easy to show off the results to friends. There is even a setting that automatically selects the best footage from uploaded content. It’s possible to add music as a soundtrack for the clips, too.
People particularly love how easy it is to start using the app without prior knowledge of editing tools.
(Free for Android and iOS)


2. Magisto

Magisto is an editing solution that has a smartphone app and allows you to customize creations on a desktop setup. When subscribing to the lowest-priced subscription plan, you can include up to 60 clips in your final version of a video. Other subscriptions allow adding commercially licensed music and including a logo or a line of text.
Although Magisto’s target audience is business customers, you’ll undoubtedly find a lot to appreciate about it for personal use, too. For example, it claims to be the only video-editing app with a fully automated artificial intelligence engine that streamlines the user experience.
All pricing plans feature premium styles that help you take a themed approach to edit for satisfying and efficient results.
(Available for Android and iOS, with pricing plans starting at $4.99 after a weeklong trial period)


3. Adobe Premiere Clip

You may already know how Adobe Premiere desktop users have access to time-saving features like keyboard shortcuts and an integrated capability for swiftly swapping the order of clips. Adobe Premiere Clip is specifically for people editing videos on their phones. And, like the computer-based version of the Adobe Premiere software, it’s a well-engineered option.
You can adjust the exposure of uploaded clips, shorten the length of content or change the volume level of audio accompanying your video. Try adding slow-motion clips to make sections stand out, too.
(Free for Android and iOS)


4. KineMaster

KineMaster’s target audience is professionals, but it’s so easy to use that it caters to anyone with an interest in editing videos on their phones. It’s fantastic for people who like to have control over every second of a clip. That’s because the app offers a precision editing component based on individual frames.

Moreover, there’s an instant preview option for checking out the most recent edits immediately after making changes. KineMaster offers color adjustments and contrast changes, too — both of which could help emphasize the most memorable parts of smartphone videos.
A setting for changing the speed lets a user make the pace of action faster or slower without distorting the video or any supplemental audio tracks. If you’d rather add a voice-over, that’s possible too, thanks to an audio-recording feature.
(Free version available for Android and iOS, with paid features starting at $1.99)


5. WeVideo

The creators behind WeVideo intended to offer the feature-packed setup that’s consistent with many desktop editors, while bringing the user experience to mobile devices. With this app, users can create motion titles, make square and horizontal videos and more.
Also, although this app appeals to people who edit videos on mobile devices, it has cloud-based technology. That means people can start creating videos on a desktop and transition to mobile devices or vice versa, depending on what’s most convenient for them.
The WeVideo JumpStart feature also allows users to start working with local media right away, instead of delaying the editing process by waiting for an upload to transfer to the app.
(Available for Android and iOS, with paid plans starting at $3.44 per month, billed annually)


6. VivaVideo

This app offers plenty of effects to add personality to videos. People can also insert stickers to give whimsical touches to clips. The app’s music bank helps users quickly find material for soundtracks without worrying about copyright infringement as well.
Furthermore, the on-screen icons simplify choosing the desired options and applying them to the content. The app’s website handily provides clips of material other users have created with VivaVideo, thereby showing off its capabilities to people who want an idea of what the app does before downloading it.
(Free for Android and iOS with paid options starting at $0.99)



VEED is a simple online video editing platform, perfect for creating social media video content. You can use Veed to crop, trim, filter, add music to videos, automatically generate subtitles, turn podcasts into videos, and much more.
VEED is perfect for anyone looking for simple and fast video editing without the need to install or setup complex software and keep all your content, fonts, logos and color palettes in one place so you are always on brand.


Start Showing Your Creative Side

Whether you already work with videos frequently or want to experiment, these video editing apps could get you off to a strong start. They might also help you find a new passion.


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