Top 14 Slack Channels for Software Developers

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Slack channels have become a new place to discuss software development topics; actually, developers are starting to participate more on slack channels rather than on forums. This tool links groups of people passionate about certain niche topics and allow them to clarify some doubts immediately.

It is interesting to see how communities on Slack are steadily growing day by day. It has become a source of valuable information, and it even seems like each language and framework has its own Slack channel for you to join. But in this article, let’s focus on the most popular and active ones:

Top 14 Slack Channels for Software Developers


A community for React and React Native developers. Has many channels covering key React libraries and other projects often used in conjunction with React. There is also a room for help questions, code review, and jobs.

2.PHP Chat

This channel is a paradise for PHP developers. Here you may find channels for PHP events, announcements, feedback, tools, tests, jobs and many more!


Biggest and most active channel for discussing TypeScript questions. Code reviews, advices, propositions and debates will be found here!


A Slack group for questions, events, announcements and general discussions about Kubernetes. Here you will find interesting ongoing conversations and very fast feedback to your ideas.

5.European Dev Explorer

Learn from other developers about best European cities and ask questions. Share experiences about living and working in different European cities. By joining this enriching channel you will find our more about different practices around the world as well as job opportunities in leading companies and startups.

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If you are a NodeJS user, this channel is definitely for you. Here you will find like-minded people as well as experts who might give you a valuable feedback.

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7.iOS Developers

The iOS Developers Slack Channel is focused on iOS and Mac developers. It currently has several thousands of active members. Excellent place to find a job or discuss iOS related questions with community members.


CodeBuddies is a global community of amazing people who help each other become better at software development through conversations on Slack and peer-to-peer organized study groups and virtual hangouts.

9.Software Crafters

By joining this channel, you are joining Software Crafters Community! Here you will find materials, events and articles related to software craftsmanship.

10.Socrates Conference

This slack channel is about Conference for Software Craft and Testing.

11.Barcelona Engineers

Since we at Apiumhub are from Barcelona, we found it interesting to share one local slack Channel that we believe may be very useful if you consider coming to our Software Architecture event in October, move to Barcelona or simply collaborate with local developers. BcnEng is a slack community built around the software engineering community from Barcelona.


Kotlin Slack aims to be an inclusive space that is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment to grow as a Kotlin expert.

13.Virtual JUG

This slack channel is a great place to ask technical or non-technical questions related to Java. Here you will find the world’s first online-only Java User Group and the best Java experts in the community.

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14.Microsoft Developer Chat

The goal of this channel is to gather people working with Microsoft technologies in the same place to learn from each other and share knowledge, as well as projects, jobs and events.

We really hope you found this list useful. If you believe we are missing some channels that deserve to be mentioned here, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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